• 2013 ISA Standards & Practices Department Awards Winners

    Each year, the ISA Standards & Practices Department recognizes significant contributions by standards committee members toward achieving major milestones - which typically would result in publication of an ISA standard, recommended practice, or technical report. Six winners for 2013 were recently announced as follows:

    Hal Thomas of Exida was recognized for his leadership and technical expertise as ISA84 Working Group 9 chairman in the development of ISA-TR84.00.09-2013, Security Countermeasures Related to SIS. The recently approved technical report, expected to be published in early December 2013, provides guidance on the countermeasures used to reduce the likelihood of a security breach of a safety instrumented system (SIS) that degrades its ability to perform its function(s). This relates to cybersecurity from both inside and outside the plant boundary.

    The five additional winners of the award were recognized for leadership and technical contributions in developing the recently published ISA-TR106.00.01-2013, Procedure Automation for Continuous Process Operations - Models and Terminology. They are:

    • Yahya Nazer, Dow Chemical Company, ISA106 Co-Chair
    • William Wray, Bayer MaterialScience, ISA106 Co-Chair
    • Marty King, Chevron Energy Technology Company, ISA106 Past Co-Chair
    • David Emerson, Yokogawa, ISA106 Lead Editor
    • Charles Green, Aramco Services Company, ISA106 Secretary

    ISA-TR106.00.01-2013 addresses good practices for procedure automation in continuous process operations and strategies for incorporating automated procedures into industrial automation and basic process control systems (BPCS). The technical report complements the concepts in key ISA standards that deal with the use of procedures in specific applications, including batch processing (ISA-88) and safety systems (ISA-84).  Many such fundamental concepts are common to all procedures without regard to the context in which they are implemented, but there are needs specific to continuous processes.  These needs are addressed in a procedure requirements model, procedure implementation model, and physical model as well as in sections concerning mapping of procedures to BPCS components.

    For more information about ISA Standards, contact Charley Robinson, crobinson@isa.org, +1 919-990-9213, or visit www.isa.org/standards