• CSD Approves Changes to ISA's Governance Structure

    At the Fall Leaders Meeting in Nashville, the Council of Society Delegates approved six of the seven motions-two with amendments-to change the governance structure of ISA in accordance with the final report of the Governance Structure Task Force. Here is a summary of the actions at the CSD meeting:

    Motion 1 - Eliminate the Executive Committee and certain Department designations:  Passed by show of hands;

    Motion 2 - Add Division Delegates to the CSD and permit remote, electronic participation in CSD meetings:  Failed by a narrow margin (64.5% in favor, compared to 66.7% required for passage);

    Motion 3 - Restructure District and Department Boards:  Passed; 

    Motion 4 - Restructure Executive Board:  Passed with an amendment to increase members with Geographic experience to 6 instead of 3 (an amendment to delete the at-large Board members was defeated); 

    Motion 5 - Restructure Nominating Committee:  Passed (an amendment to include 7 District Nominators instead of 3 leaders with Geographic experience was defeated);

    Motion 6 - Define duties of Nominating Committees:  Passed;

    Motion 7 - Election of Leaders by individual members:  Passed with an amendment to keep election of District Vice Presidents by the District Council.  

    In approving these governance structure changes, the Society has improved its organizational design and positioned itself to better meet the ongoing needs of its membership. This achievement is due to the dedication and hard work of the 14 members of the Governance Structure Task Force, who worked throughout 2012, and to the five members of the Governance Structure Design Team, who carried on the effort in 2013 by drafting the motions and the specific wording of the changes to the ISA bylaws. By adeptly communicating the proposed changes and the rationale for them to ISA leadership, the design team enabled the CSD to make highly informed decisions.