• Novel Adaptations of ISA100 Wireless

    We seem to hear about new applications of the ISA100 Wireless™ technology almost monthly that are novel and typically simple; and a pattern is emerging that helps to explain what is going on.  The IPv6 addressing makes ISA100 Wireless easy to understand, so adapting existing wired (or wireless) products is straightforward.  Also, the ability to transmit any protocol, including proprietary protocols, through ISA100 Wireless networks makes it simple and inexpensive for suppliers to adopt ISA100 Wireless since they don't have to change their application protocol or end-user applications.

    Interesting examples include the GasSecure gas detector which uses a Profisafe safety layer to achieve a SIL2 certification (see the July 2013 webinar 'Safe Wireless Communications for ISA100 Wireless' on the ISA100 website) and an Ultra Electronics 3eTI product that uses a FIPS 140-2 security layer to achieve DOD certification.

    Most recently GE released the Prowler, a wireless portable data collection kit that might become the Reliability Manager's best friend.  The plant RM often encounters machines exhibiting irregular operations and needs surveillance programs to determine root causes.  The self-contained kit enables rapid deployment of one temperature and three vibration measurements to monitor machinery on a long-term or short-term basis with no installation costs.  It shows elegance in its simplicity.  The kit is a repackaging of industry leading Bently-Nevada vibration sensors and a temperature sensor, ISA100 Wireless gateway, and laptop with analytical applications preloaded, all in a Pelican case ready to be rolled to any equipment that requires immediate attention.

    Use of a proprietary protocol encapsulated in ISA100 Wireless objects enables the Honeywell Enraf radar level product line to transmit large FFT data sets to support advanced solutions for liquid inventory management and tank terminals.  Details about these and other interesting ISA100 Wireless applications can be found on the ISA100 Wireless website at www.isa100wci.org.