• ISA Insights
    August 2013

    ISA Member Spotlight: Nicole Jensen

    NicoleAs the current ISA District 10 Vice President and working mother of two, Nicole Jensen has become an expert at balancing work/life expectations. As a woman in the oil-and-gas industry, Jensen blends her professional and maternal personas effortlessly. Her major role with ISA supports the development of ISA membership through organizing training programs, working on projects and events that enhance awareness of District 10 sections, and establishing mentor relationships for members of the district.

    Jensen currently works in technical sales at Samson Controls Inc., and has been involved in ISA leadership positions for eight years. She began her involvement as program chair in her local ISA section, and then served the executive board as a secretary, treasurer, vice president, president, and past president, while still holding her program chair position. The various roles she has held within the organization have bolstered her confidence and strengthened her leadership skills in the industry.

    To recognize Jensen's commitment and contributions, ISA granted her an Emerging Leader Award at the 2010 ISA Honors and Awards Gala. Being an ISA leader has also improved her visibility within the industry and has opened many doors for her career. Her involvement in ISA has enabled her to continuously access a broad international network that continues to grow. As an ISA leader and member, she is assured of remaining at the forefront of technology in her effort to maintain a successful career.

    With her strong passion for math and science, Jensen was naturally attracted to a career in the automation industry.. When she started working in the oil-and-gas industry 13 years ago, few women were employed in the field. "I wasn't sure what to expect; however, I must say that it has been a great experience," reflects Jensen. She says it has been exciting for her to witness the growing number of women enter the automation industry each year. With a supportive husband at home and an equally supportive employer, Jensen has been able to effectively balance her work and personal lives. "Going back into the workforce after being away on maternity leave wasn't difficult. I fell right back into place like I had never left," she says. When asked what advice she has for women and mothers in the industry she remarked: "The best advice I can give is to just be yourself and be confident in who you are. You can be successful as a mother, a wife, and a business professional while still having an impact in the industry."

    Even though major fluctuations in the market sometimes make her job challenging and stressful, she remains excited about the industry. She says she is continually learning something new, and enjoys discovering new ways to deal with different applications.

    Even though Jensen never benefited from a formal career mentor, she has often sought guidance from the many people within the industry that she greatly respects. In addition to experiencing several informal mentor relationships, she has gained from the outstanding leadership team at Samson Controls that has helped her grow as a leader. She encourages young professionals to find someone to learn from while aiming to perfect their craft. "Just being a member of ISA is a great way to find a mentor," she points out. "You can network with professionals from all kinds of automation disciplines."

    In fact, Jensen says that the opportunities to mentor and develop professionally are her two favorite aspects of being an ISA member.

    "Being able to support the development of others and learn from so many experts is why I plan to remain an integral part of ISA for years to come," she emphasizes.