• Web Seminar: Protecting Automated Systems in Harsh Environments (FALCE)

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     April 30th, 2013
    Hours: 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EST
    Event Sponsor: Falcon Electric
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    Safeguarding automation processes against downtime is critical to successful operations and the bottom line. SCADA systems, PLCs and sensors and communication systems rely on clean and steady ac power. Power problems such as voltage spikes, sags, surges, outages and common mode noise can result in unreliable operation or complete failures bringing entire processes to a halt. Moreover, the location of remote SCADA PLCs and sensors are in some of the harshest environments on earth. Many are responsible for the monitoring and control of critical functions requiring absolute reliability. The challenge in protecting automated systems from power problems is factoring in the environment. Mistakenly, many operators are depending on UPSs that are unable to operate in harsh -30° to +65°C industrial environments. These "office-grade" types of UPSs often fail after a few months when operating in a wide temperature range - far exceeding the device's rating.

    This webinar will discuss key considerations when protecting automated systems against disruptive and costly power interruptions. This discussion will help engineering management, system designers and plant operators understand the power needs of critical automation equipment and how they can increase system uptime and reliability.

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    The Subject Matter Experts

    Michael A. Stout | V.P. of Engineering, Falcon Electric Inc. (www.falconups.com)
    StoutMikeMichael is an authority in the computer and industrial automation, power conversion and UPS industries with nearly two decades of experience in critical power systems. In his current position, Stout specifies and designs new UPS and critical power system products and evaluates emerging technologies. He can be reached at 800-842-6940.

    Lawrence M. Thompson | Owner/General Manager, ESdat Co.
    ThompsonLarryLawrence (Larry) has an extensive background as a technician, technical trainer, and course developer in electronics, measurement/control and computer networking.  A 20-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, his military specialty was in the maintenance of electronic encryption equipment.  His post military industrial experience includes positions as technician, test engineer, and test engineering supervisor for numerous companies.  He has a B.A.A.S. from Tarleton State University and worked on his Masters in Computer Science at the University of Texas. He retired as Department Chair for E-Commerce Technology at Texas State Technical College, to run his own consulting business full time. He has served as an adjunct instructor for ISA for more than 23 years, is the author of several books including ISA's Industrial Data Communications and is a Certified Automation Professional (CAP).