• ISA Insights April 2013

    ISA Member Spotlight: Murtaza Gandhi  

    murtazaAs a son of an engineer, it seems fitting that Murtaza Gandhi would follow his father's footstep and enter into a field that he was trained to love from early on.

    Murtaza comes from Ahmedabad, India born to a modest middle class family. His father worked as a Telecommunication Engineer for the Department of Telecom in Ahmedabad and showed his son how important learning the basics were, "He always taught me math and science and insisted on strong fundamentals," remembers Murtaza.

    After confirming that engineering was the right track for him, Murtaza enrolled in the Nirma Institue of Technology's engineering program to study Instrumentation and Control Engineering. After completing his studies there, he decided to travel to the United States and pursue a higher education at Rutgers University in Piscataway, NJ where he obtained an M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. "I worked with numerous professors in controls, robotics, and biomedical instrumentation as a part of my program. The marquee project I was involved with was a sensor monitoring project for a golf putter to help golfers improve their putting skills (http://visp.rutgers.edu). I am very grateful to Dr. George Shoane from Rutgers for the opportunity," Murtaza says of his time at Rutgers.

    In looking back at how ISA has benefited his career, Murtaza says, "I get to meet with a lot of industry professionals and it helps me network and gain a lot of insight from experienced individuals both in the consulting and operating arenas." He began his involvement as a student member with the Nirma Institute of Technology's student section. While a member of this section, he helped reignite members and their involvement in the profession. As a result of his efforts, the section's first magazine, Magic,  was produced and still exists now. Today, he is still an active member but now belongs to the Houston section and is also the scholarship coordinator for the Process Measurement and Controls Division (PMCD). Murtaza is looking forward to his new task of developing sessions for the PMCD at the 59th International Instrumentation Symposium in May 2013.

    If there's one thing Murtaza would like to leave with young aspiring engineers of today it's this, "There are plenty opportunities beginning in your local student section. You can learn a lot from just listening to people at various events and gradually training yourself into become future leaders." He continues to encourage students wanting to make a commitment to the profession to work hard and use ISA as a tool to sacrifice little while gaining a lot.