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    Member Status Definition

    Active – members that have their membership paid thru date in the future. ISA member's paid thru dates are always the last day of the month. Changes to a member's status always occurs on the first day of the month.

    Active grace - members that have exceeded their membership paid thru date by up to three months. Active Grace members receive all ISA member benefits.

    Suspended – those that have not renewed their ISA membership and are no longer members of ISA. A member becomes suspended if they have not renewed before their Active Grace period expires (i.e. three months after their paid-thru date)

    New - members that joined ISA during the current month. This is not an official ISA member status, but is used to easily identify new members in some of the reports.

    Welcome to ISA's Section Reports! From this page, you, as an ISA Leader, can access real-time data about your section membership.

    Terms of Use: A Section Roster is provided to Section Leaders for ISA business purposes only. Under no circumstance may any of the information in the roster file be used for personal or company purposes. Section members are allowed to opt-out of section emails. To honor these opt-outs, it is important that you pull a fresh email list each time that you send an email.

    NOTE FOR SECTION LEADERS: The Section President, President-elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Newsletter Editor, and Webmaster can access the Section roster and web page IF THEY ARE CODED in the ISA database. Coding expires each year.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding and compliance.

    Exporting and Printing Reports: Section Leaders can export the data contained in the Section Reports to various file types. For step by step instructions on how to download a roster report click here. Reports can be exported into the following formats:

    • Microsoft Excel - a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of the data
    • PDF - Adobe PDF file
    • CSV - a comma-delimited text format; save and reopen to import into a spreadsheet
    • XML - a text format that uses tags to define the data
    • HTML
    • Microsoft Word
    • Rich Text Format
    • Separated Values
    • XML
    • Crystal Reports

    Division Membership Key

    A - Analysis Division

    B - Aerospace Industries Division

     D – Communications Division

    E - Education Division

    G – Chemical and Petroleum Division

    H – Process Measurement and Control Division

    I - Building Automation Systems Division

    J - Test Measurement Division

    K - Construction and Design Division

    L – Pulp and Paper Industries Division

    M – Automatic Controls and Robotics Division

    O – Power Industry Division

    R - Food and Pharmaceuticals Division

    S - Safety and Security Division

    V - Mining and Metals Industries Division

    W - Management Division

    X - Water and Wastewater Industry Division

    Membership Type Acronym Key

    MEM - Regular members that have paid for 1 year of membership dues

    MEM2 - Regular members that have paid for 2 years of membership dues

    MEM3 – Regular members that paid for 3 years of membership dues

    SR - Senior members that have paid for 1 year of membership dues

    SR2 – Senior members that paid for 2 years of membership dues

    SR3 – Senior members that paid for 3 years of membership dues

    FEL - Fellow members that paid for 1 year of membership dues

    FEL2 - Fellow members that paid for 2 years of membership dues

    FEL3 - Fellow members that paid for 3 years of membership dues

    LIFE – Life members

    SRLIFE – Senior Life members

    LIFEFEL – Life Fellow members

    ST - Student members

    ACS - Automation Community Subscribers

    AAM - Automation Affiliate Members

    Some reports can be printed from your web browser or exported to a PDF file. Other reports, however, should be exported to Excel to be sorted and printed due to the number of fields included in the report. While these reports can be printed from the browser they are not formatted specifically for printed output.

  • Section Reports and Rebates

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    These reports are available to Section and Division Leaders only.

    The roster reports must be viewed in either Internet Explorer or Firefox. The query that runs the report is incompatible with Chrome. If you are using Chrome and experience difficulties with generating the report, please try again in Internet Explorer or Firefox.