• Section Reports and Rebates

    NOTE FOR SECTION LEADERS: The Section President, Secretary, Membership Chair, Newsletter Editor, and Webmaster can access the Section roster and web page IF THEY ARE CODED in the ISA database. Coding expires each year.

    Please ask your President to complete and submit the Section Leader Form (PDF - Word) so Section leader coding can be updated by 15 June each year. Note that the properly coded President, Treasurer, and Membership Chair may access the Section Rebate Reports.

    Section reports are for ISA use only. Requests from outside ISA for a roster should not be fulfilled. With your support, ISA will continue to respect the privacy of its members and protect its database.

  • Section Reports and Rebates

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  • These reports are available to Section and Division Leaders only.

    The roster reports must be viewed in either Internet Explorer or Firefox. The query that runs the report is incompatible with Chrome. If you are using Chrome and experience difficulties with generating the report, please try again in Internet Explorer or Firefox.