ISA Fellow designation recognizes qualified ISA Members who have made exceptional engineering or scientific contributions to the automation profession based upon peer evaluation. The criteria for selection is demanding and only a few members are elevated to this coveted honor each year. 

Award and Presentation

Fellow designation may be conferred annually. There is no limit to the number of individuals who may be elevated to Fellow grade. The recognition includes a plaque and Fellow member pin presented to each recipient during the annual honors and awards program.


Fellow designation is conveyed in acknowledgment of an outstanding achievement in scientific or engineering fields as recognized by ISA peers. Candidates must have a minimum of five years of ISA membership, currently be an ISA Senior Member, and have at least 10 years in instrumentation development, application, operation, management, or teaching. Current Executive Board members are not eligible for consideration.


Nominations are accepted from an ISA member. Nominations are made in writing on the appropriate form and accompanied by a minimum of five Fellow Members or a combination of nine Fellow and Senior Members evaluations.

Administration and Judging

A recommendation of the Fellow Admissions Committee is submitted to the Executive Board for approval and election to Fellow grade.

ISA uses Wizehive nomination software.

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