ISA Fugitive Emissions, Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Technical Interest Group

By participating in the ISA Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Technical Interest Group, LDAR professionals obtain the valuable insights from experts and enjoy the ongoing interaction with colleagues they need to stay informed on all key movements and issues within the air compliance industry.

Group participants gain:

  • Updates from government officials to help stay compliant with regulations, and receive vital input from technical experts that support the continual improvement of their LDAR programs.
  • Direct interaction with representatives of regulatory agencies and varied networking opportunities with colleagues to learn, share best practices, and get a glimpse of what's on the horizon to shape the future of the LDAR and Directed Inspection and Maintenance (DI&M) marketplace.
  • Connections with experts representing various aspects of LDAR compliance and who are in positions tasked with reducing air emissions. These experts include environmental engineers, air compliance specialists, environmental managers, LDAR program administrators, LDAR coordinators and supervisors, monitoring services contractors, and vendors who provide products and services to the LDAR and fugitive emissions community. 
  • Multiple opportunities to take part in (present and review papers, investigate new LDAR products and services, etc.) ISA's LDAR Fugitive-Emissions Symposium, which typically occurs in May of each year. The symposium provides an open exchange between regulators and regulated entities, and is the ideal venue to meet and establish a dialogue with the environmental industry's leading LDAR professionals.

So act today, and join your colleagues who are already reaping the many benefits of being a LDAR Technical Interest Group and ISA Automation Community member.