The Analysis Division contributes to the careers of professionals who are involved in every aspect of process stream and laboratory methods of analysis—-from theory and development to application, training, calibration, and more. Our role at ISA is to facilitate program development, implementation and effectiveness through integrated planning, measurement, evaluation and interventions; and to support your specialty; such as spectroscopy, chromatography, electrochemistry, and sample handling.

Peer-to-peer communications are available on our website, through our newsletters and our member listserve. We have dedicated Technical Interest Groups which allows networking in areas specific to your interest.

Membership provides you with access to a network of knowledge and opportunities to develop your own expertise and share this with fellow professionals. Whether you are already a member or thinking about membership ISA provides a wealth of industry knowledge at your fingertips and helps you to be on the cutting edge of technology and developments. We enable our members to do their jobs better and help their organizations strategically use technology so that they, in turn, make the world a better, just, and equitable place.

We host an annual Symposium that is rich with technical content, education, and professional networking.


Technical Committees:

  • Chromatography
  • Spectroscopy
  • Chemical Analyzers
  • Physical Property Measurements
  • Process Stream Analysis
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • On-line Analysis
  • At-line Analysis
  • Maintenance
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Sample Handling
  • Validation
  • System Integration
  • Standards
  • Emerging Technology

Get the Most out of Your Division Membership:

Leadership Opportunities

Take advantage of the opportunity to sharpen your leadership skills by helping to plan and conduct various annual Analysis Division events.

Technical Committee Participation

Work with ISA-SP76 (Composition Analyzers) and IEC SC65D (Analyzing Equipment in Industrial Process Measurement and Control) standards' development committees.


Network with an active group of peers who contribute to the development of analysis standards and conducts technical training for the advancement of industry professionals

Valuable Information Resource

In addition to the above mentioned, the Analysis Division membership supplies:

  • Comprehensive industry newsletters that feature articles and papers from the Analysis Division members and symposium participants
  • Access to the Analysis Division website that provides industry technical papers, web seminars, and a list serve of industry peers