• Purchasing Multiple Memberships

    ISA works with sections around the world who want to provide ISA memberships for individuals. We can make it easy for a leader in your section to organize a membership drive and purchase or renew a large number of memberships from ISA utilizing one payment whether its a wire transfer or one credit card purchase. If your section is interested in purchasing ISA memberships for several individuals at the same time, ISA has an easy process for getting started:

    1. Identify a point-of-contact at your section to lead the effort
    2. Contact ISA at info@isa.org or +1 919-549-8411 with the contact information for your representative
    3. ISA will provide your representative with membership brochures, application forms, and any other materials you need to facilitate the membership drive
    4. ISA will provide your representative with a Membership Submittal Excel Worksheet to list individual member's information
    5. Your representative will send all application forms, the Membership Submittal Excel Worksheet, and payment to ISA, ISA will process memberships for each individual


     Thank you for your continued support of ISA member recruitment and retention!