• Division Reports

    Welcome to ISA's Division Reports! From this page, you, as an ISA Leader, will eventually be able to access real-time data about your division membership.

    Click here to run a Division Membership report.

    For a related Section video on accessing reports similar to Division reports, click here.

    Terms of Use: A Division Roster is provided to Division Leaders for ISA business purposes only. Under no circumstance may any of the information in the roster file be used for personal or company purposes. Division members are allowed to opt-out of section emails. To honor these opt-outs, it is important that you pull a fresh email list each time that you send an email.

    NOTE FOR DIVISION LEADERS: The Division Director, Division Director-elect, Secretary, Membership Chair, Newsletter Editor, and Webmaster can access the Division roster and web page IF THEY ARE CODED in the ISA database. Coding expires each year. Thank you in advance for your understanding and compliance.

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