• Online Web Meeting Resources for ISA Divisions and Districts

    ISA's Districts and Divisions can take advantage of ISA's contracted services with Cisco WebEx to conduct online meetings. ISA Divisions and Districts are a part of the ISA corporate entity and are therefore eligible to utilize these contracted vendor provided services.

    Audio Conferencing options

    An audio service provider is needed when conducting WebEx meetings.

    VOIP (Voice Over IP) is available for use with the above option for international callers. There is also an option for international callers to use local dial in numbers to dial into calls. Information on international local dial in numbers can be found at the below links:

    How do I get started?

    Division and District Directors and VPs should inform your staff contact that you are interested in using WebEx and/or the audio conferencing service. Your staff contact will make arrangements for a designated officer to be set up as a host, which will then allow them to set up their own meetings and use WebEx as needed for ISA-related business purposes only. Information on audio conferencing through FreeConferenceCallHD is outlined below.


    WebEx can only be used for ISA business purposes. In other words, they cannot be used for a leader's individual company related business or a means to generate revenue. Additionally, ISA Sections are separately incorporated and cannot use these services under the ISA agreement with these vendors. Sections would have to secure agreements independently with these vendors.

    WebEx Resources

    User manuals

    WebEx Job Aid- Event Center (pdf) 

    Cisco WebEx Event Center User Guide (pdf)

    How to sign up for a FreeConferenceCallHD phone number:

    Click on the sign up button from the FreeConferenceCallHD home page, fill out the registration form and you will be provided with an account immediately. FreeConferenceCallHD provides a thorough list of frequently asked questions about high definition conferencing.

    Free Conference Call Audio Control Options


    Q&A Session

    Conduct and manage Question and Answer Session


    Caller Count

    Plays the number of participants present on the call


    Exit Conference

    Allows for participant to disconnect from the call



    Plays a menu of touch tone commands available to the caller


    Host Mute Mode

    Mutes all callers on the call



    Mutes individual line



    Stops participants from joining call


    Tone Control

    Turns entry and exit chimes on or off



    Allows for the host to record conference

    ISA Staff contact for help with using WebExlgreen@isa.org

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