Establish and Maintain an ISA Section

A section is a group of professional members who have chosen to affiliate around a specific geographic area. Each section operates as an official ISA affiliate per the charter agreement that defines the relationship between the Society and the section. Sections exist to support the mission and vision of the Society, governed by and subject to all policies and procedures set by ISA. Sections develop activities in response to local needs.


The following information must be met and submitted to ISA by the 15th of the month.

Eligibility for Petitioning
  • Automation industry activity in the area
  • At least 30 professional members interested in forming a section
  • Acting officers willing to lead a new section
  • Section operating bylaws in English (any special provisions or modifications to ISA’s recommended regulations requires prior approval)

Petition to Charter
  • The acting officers submit a Petition for Charter to ISA Staff
  • The District Vice President reviews and submits the petition to the Geographic Assembly
  • The Geographic Assembly reviews and approves the petition for official chartering

Please allow 45 days after the submission deadline for notification.



Upon charter approval, the section must meet the following requirements annually to maintain compliance:

  • Comply with all policies and procedures set by ISA
  • Maintain at least 30 professional members
  • Have, at a minimum, a president and treasurer in good standing and on record with ISA Headquarters
  • Hold a minimum of three member meetings each year
  • Submit an annual report by the prescribed dates

If one or more of the requirements are not met as of 1 January, a section will be deemed non-compliant. These sections forfeit benefits, including but not limited to, rebates, consideration for Society awards, and seating a delegate at the next Council of Society Delegates meeting. Non-compliant status will be reevaluated quarterly.

For more information on how to start a student section click here.