• ISA Regular Section Formation

    What is an ISA Section?

    An ISA Section is a group of thirty  (30) or more ISA professional members in a defined geographical area. Sections are chartered by ISA's District Board. They operate under their own Bylaws. A Section Delegate represents the Section in the Council of Society Delegates.

    Section Formation

    • Analyze and determine whether a Section will be supported in a geographic area. An Appraisal Analysis form must be completed and submitted to the District Vice President. The District Vice President will work with the initiators in determining the viability of formation of a Section.
    • Determine that there are sufficient potential members to support the Section.
    • Form a Steering Committee and hold a meeting of interested individuals to determine the interest in forming an ISA Section.
    • Hold organizational meetings. One or two organizational meetings should be held. The District Vice President should be asked to attend the meeting(s) to speak about ISA and forming a Section.
    • Memberships Enrollment forms and dues should be collected
    • Bylaws should be adopted - a template is available (see link below)
    • Elect officers
    • A Petition for Charter should be completed to be submitted to the District Board of Vice Presidents for approval (see link below)

    Other Requirements

    The Section must

    • Hold a minimum of three meetings annually -The three required meetings are separate from your executive board meetings. Examples of meetings that contribute to the required three include your technical offerings, educational courses, tabletop show, and the start-up event at the beginning of your programming year.
    • Submit a quarterly report to the District Vice President and ISA Member Services
    • Elect officers; provide the names of officers to the District Vice President and ISA Member Services
    • Submit an annual budget and business plan to the District Vice President and ISA Member Services

    For additional information and guidance in forming an ISA Section please read the Section Formation Kit for more information. You will also want to review and/or download the following documents:

    Appraisal Analysis
    Guide for Developing Bylaws
    Position Descriptions
    New Petition for Charter
    Section Leaders Form
    Membership Submittal Template  

     You may also contact ISA Staff at info@isa.org.