The Treasurer guides the Society's fiscal practices and represents the Society at internal and external functions. The Treasurer also works closely with ASCI and Automation.com.


  • Educate the Executive Board related to fiduciary responsibilities
  • Ensure the Executive Board understands financial statements and investment philosophy
  • Work with staff leadership to ensure proper and required record keeping of all Society funds
  • Work with staff leadership to ensure that financial reports are made available to the Board on a timely basis
  • Report the status of Society investments and performance of any separate operating units to the Board
  • Review monthly financial performance versus budget, alert appropriate operating segments when revenue or expenses deviate from budget
  • Review investment portfolio performance
  • Review the Investment Policy and Guidelines to ensure they continue to meet the needs of the Society
  • Appoint the Chair of the Finance Committee
  • Recommend members for appointment to the Finance and Investment Committees
  • Present the annual budget to the Board for approval
  • Work with staff leadership to coordinate an audit
  • Work with staff leadership and chair of Finance Committee to coordinate in-person review of budget proposal

Other Society Committees

  • Finance Committee (ex-officio member)
  • Compensation Committee
  • Investment Committee (ex-officio member)
  • Audit Committee
  • Automation.com Board
  • ASCI Board
  • Automation Federation Board

Preferred Experience/Knowledge

  • Prior experience on finance committee preferred
  • Has ability to clearly present complex financial issues in an informative and unbiased manner
  • Understanding of financial accounting and regulations, as well as investment practices and principles for a non-profit organization
  • Experience with responsibility of budget in operations, P&L responsibility preferred


  • Any Member, Senior Member, Fellow, Life Member, Life Senior, Life Fellow or Honorary Member

Time Requirements

  • Two-year commitment
  • Teleconferences and reporting - approximately 4-5 hours per week
    • Presidential chain (weekly)
    • Executive Board (monthly)
    • Staff leadership (weekly)
    • Finance Committee (monthly)
    • Investment Committee (quarterly)
  • Face to Face Meetings
    • Annual Leadership Conference - 4 days
    • Strategic Leader Meeting - 3 days
    • Executive Summit - 3 days
    • Finance Committee - 3 days

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