Working with ISA staff, the Standards and Practices VP leads the administrative body which oversees the individual standards committees.

Department Purpose

  • Ensure standards committees are operating effectively
  • Exercise general direction and evaluate the performance the standards committees
  • Empowers the individual standards committees
  • Recommend policy and bylaws changes
  • Select the Standards & Practices Department awardees
  • Ensures that ISA maintains a membership on the Technical Management Committee of the United States


  • Appoint and ensure active engagement of board members
  • Appoint and terminate the department directors, subject to Technical Assembly approval
  • Ensure directors and committee chairs discharge their duties as delineated in the accredited ISA Standards & Practices Department Procedures
  • Appoint representatives to ANSI Committees
  • Actively identify, recruit and mentor potential leaders
  • Submit at least two VP candidates
  • Provide input to the Society budget, including travel expenses for VP and VP-elect
  • Submit annual reports to the Executive Board
  • Organize and facilitate meetings, including scheduling and agenda preparation

Other Society Committees

  • Technical Assembly
  • Standards Executive Committee
  • Member of ASCII board
  • National Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
  • All department committees

Preferred Experience/Knowledge

  • Previous involvement in standards development and administration, ideally at a senior level
  • Previous service as chair on a standards committee
  • Previous experience on S&P Board
  • Recognized expert in one or more areas of automation
  • Reputation and ability to attract experts to be part of standards committees
  • Understanding of ANSI and IEC, as well as other relevant standards organizations

Time Requirements

  • Four-year commitment - two years with responsibilities as elect followed by two years as VP
  • Teleconferences / Web Meetings and reporting - approximately 1-2 hours per week
  • Face to Face Meetings
    • Annual Leadership Conference - 4 days
    • Strategic Leader Meeting - 3 days

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