Executive Board members participate in setting the strategic direction of the Society, staying consistent with the Society's mission and vision.


  • Review, evaluate and make objective decisions on proposals, focusing at the Society level rather than on a specific constituency
  • Analyze market data and trends for how they affect the Society
  • Review and determine goals
  • Identify and analyze new market opportunities
  • Review existing strategy and reset as needed
  • Review human capital strategy to ensure that volunteer, staff and technology resources are optimally allocated
  • Review and approve a budget that accurately reflects the expenses and revenues related to operational and strategic goals
  • Suggest new revenue opportunities and cost savings
  • Find a resolution for issues that arise from a Society entity or constituent
  • Review, modify and create policies to address changing dynamics in the Society

Preferred Experience/Knowledge

  • Previous experience as a geographic, division, or department leader 
  • Understanding of ISA organizational structure and core business
  • Good understanding of ISA governing documents
  • Understanding of planning and budgeting processes


  • Any Member, Senior Member, Fellow, Life Member, Life Senior Member, Life Fellow Member, or Honorary Member
  • Exception is allowed for at-large appointments

Time Requirements

  • Three-year commitment*
  • Teleconferences and reporting - approximately 1-2 hours per week
  • Face to Face Meetings
    • Annual Leadership Conference - 4 days
    • Strategic Leader Meeting - 3 days
    • Executive Summit - 3 days

*At-large appointments are a one-year commitment

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