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    In 2011 the ISA Council of Society Delegates and Executive Board initiated a review of the Society's governance structure to determine what if any changes may better enable our leaders to carry out the Society's mission and position ISA for future growth. Findings, recommendations, and proposed amendments to the ISA Bylaws that will be presented for action at the 2013 Council of Society Delegates meeting, are presented below.

    Proposed ISA Governance Structure Changes

    Society Delegates, leaders and Members are encouraged to review the following documents prior to the 4 November 2013 Council of Society Delegates meeting where Section Delegates will be considering the following motions:

    • Proposed Bylaws revisions - Motions 1-7
    • Proposed Bylaws revisions - Individual Motions 1-7:
      • Motion 1 - Executive Committee and Department Designations
      • Motion 2 - Council of Society Delegates Composition and Member Voting Privileges
        • Motion 2 Amendment
      • Motion 3 - Boards of Department and District Vice Presidents
      • Motion 4 - Executive Board Composition, Terms, Duties
      • Motion 5 - Nominating Committee Composition
      • Motion 6 - Nominating Committee Duties
      • Motion 7 - Election of Leaders

    Reference Documents:

    • PowerPoint Slideshow explaining proposed changes (529KB)
    • PDF of PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes (589KB)
    • Frequently Asked Questions about proposed changes. (224KB) Posted 8 August 2013. Please check back for updates.
    • Governance Structure Task Force Final Report
    • Governance Structure Task Force Report Appendices

    Provide Comments to the Design Team

    The Design Team continues to request that ISA members provide input. Comments will remain anonymous unless you choose to include your name and/or email address. Initial receipt of comments will be acknowledged and responses may be incorporated in the Frequently Asked Questions document. You are also welcome to contact any of the Design Team members directly with specific questions.

    Background of ISA Governance Review Activities

    Governance Structure Design Team, 2013
    On 26 January 2013 the Governance Structure Task Force presented their final report to the ISA Executive Board. The report was adopted, and a sub-set of the Task Force was appointed to a Governance Structure Design Team; members are Robert Bailliet (Chair), Rick Albrecht, Debbie Eby, Dawn Schweitzer, and Bill Stange. The Design Team has developed the proposed changes to ISA Bylaws that would be required to implement the recommendations in the report of the Task Force. These proposed changes, in the form of seven motions to modify the existing ISA Bylaws, were approved by the Executive Board at the 2013 Spring Leaders Meeting.

    Governance Structure Task Force, 2011-2012
    The 2011 Council of Society Delegates passed a motion directing the Executive Board to establish a committee to review the existing governance structure and provide recommendations for possible changes. The motion also stipulated that no changes to the Society's governance structure can occur until the Executive Board receives and acts upon the changes presented by the Governance Structure Design Team and the Council of Society Delegates in turn adopts changes to the Society's Bylaws. The Executive Board established a Governance Structure Task Force Charter describing the statement of purpose, process summary, membership, and timeline. Task force members were appointed in December of 2011 and included: Rick Albrecht, Robert Bailliet (co-chair), Kevin Dignam, Debbie Eby, Dean Ford, Jeff Gamber, Paul Gruhn, Jacob Jackson, Terry Molloy, Dianna Noyes, Dawn Schweitzer, Bill Stange, Cyrus Taft, Gerald Wilbanks (co-chair). The task force provided regular updates via the website of its work which began in February 2012 and concluded in January 2013.

    The information report of the work of the 2011 Governance Restructure Task Force remains available for review.