• Council of Society Delegates

    The Council of Society delegates controls the general policies of the SOCIETY through its powers to amend the Bylaws, and to review the annual reports of officers. [Bylaws Article VII, Paragraph 1]

    The Council of Society Delegates meets annually to provide an opportunity to engage grassroots members at the Society level and provide a forum to discuss issues with the Society leadership. It receives the reports of the Society Executive Board, amends the Bylaws, receives and acts upon resolutions from the body, and other items as required to oversee and direct the policies of the Society.

    Each Section in ISA designates a Society member to act as its Society delegate and specifies the term of office. The Section may designate a Society member as an alternate delegate if Section Bylaws so provide. Each elected Executive Board member and Vice President of the Society serves ex-officio on the Council of Society Delegates, but has no vote unless the individual is designated by a Section or Region as its Society delegate or alternate delegate.

  • 2015 Annual Members Meeting and
    Council of Society Delegates Documents

    The 2015 ISA Annual Members Meeting and Council of Society Delegates will take place on 12 October 2015 at the Louisville Marriott Downtown, Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Meeting documents are linked below.

    Notice of Meeting Memo from ISA President
    Seating of Delegates Memo from Geographic Assembly Chair
    Delegates Q&A and Parliamentary Procedures Agenda
    Council of Society Delegates Agenda
    Member Dues Increase FAQ
    Council of Society Delegates Procedures (MOP Excerpt)
    Parliamentary Procedures Reference
    Society Bylaws

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