ISA Leadership Development Certificate Program

  • Do you want to become a more effective leader?
  • Do you want to have an opportunity to develop your leadership skills?
  • Do you want to advance your career and marketability?

As an ISA member, the Leadership Development Certificate Program provides a unique opportunity for professional growth and to build leadership skills.

Participants in the certificate program are provided leadership development training and other leadership opportunities. Points/credits are obtained by participants through a combination of participation in three key categories:

  • General leadership training
  • ISA specific leadership training
  • Active leadership roles and activities

A total of 100 points is required within two years. Points may be earned using several different methods. Upon successful completion the individual will receive a certificate of completion, recognition on ISA's website, and in other ISA products.  

For more information or to submit an application for the Leadership Development Certificate Program, contact MaChelle Beason,, with any questions.

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When you have completed the requirements, download and submit an application form to receive your certificate and recognition.



  • Leaderships skills of participants will be sharpened.
  • A letter will be sent to the participant's immediate supervisor advising them of the participant's enrollment in the program to provide evidence of their commitment to professional growth.
  • A letter will also be sent to the participant's immediate supervisor from the ISA President when they have successfully completed the program.
  • The majority of the training is provided via the Internet allowing access at a convenient time for the participant.
  • The program takes into consideration today's increasing work-related demand on volunteer's time.  
  • The 2-year completion timeframe requirement offers enough flexibility to minimize competition with work-related responsibilities.
  • The program also provides ISA-specific and general leadership skills training that can benefit participants in their professional careers.
  • Successful participants immediately become excellent candidates for key ISA leadership positions.
  • The program provides flexibility to participants by allowing them to choose how they obtain their points.
  • Grandfathering of points/credits for certain pre-enrollment experience is allowed.
  • Participants can enroll at anytime during the year.
  • Participants are encouraged to gain leadership experience by taking on leadership positions within ISA.
  • Obtaining the certificate of completion could be beneficial to participant's career. They could include this as an accomplishment on their resumes and hang certificate on office wall.  The letter to employer from the ISA President could lead to promotions and/or other company recognition.
  • Various ISA communications to members will ensure that successful participants are recognized by their ISA peers. 
  • The program is available to all ISA members.




100 points are required to successfully complete the program. Points are obtained by participating in the 3 categories listed below. A minimum number of points are required in each category. Once enrolled go to the Leadership Training Page to participate in web-based leader training seminars. 


General Leadership Training

 (30 points are required)
5 Read an approved book on leadership practices (5 points per book. Maximum 3 books). Refer to Leadership Development Book List for Approved Books
5 Present material from book or training seminar read above at intra-company meeting, DLC, Section Meeting, Spring or Fall Leaders Meeting  (minimum 1 required)
5 Develop and present an intra-company training course
  External leadership/management training webinar or live (subject to prior approval. i.e. Coursera, Harvard University Online Training, Dale Carnegie)
2 Single Day Webinars 0-2 hrs
4 Single Day Webinars 2-4 hrs
6 Single Day Webinars 4 hrs and greater
10 Full day live sessions
10 Multi-Day Webinars 
5 Read 3 InTech Feature Articles (Issue Number and Title required)  


ISA Specific Leadership Training

  ( Minimum 9 topics to be reviewed (27 points), Ethics mandatory (30 points required))
3 ISA Professional Ethics: A Practical Perspective (Mandatory)
3 Generating Revenue
3 Tools for Communicating to your Members
3 ISA Leader Resources
3 Engaging Students
3 Society Finance and Investment Policy
3 DLC Planning
3 Hosting a Table Top Show
3 ISA Section Operating Dates
3 Setting Up Section Event Programs
3 Membership Retention and Recruitment


ISA Leadership Roles & Activities

 (40 points required, must have completed role in last 5 years.  For multi-term positions, only first year applies)
5 Attendance at the Spring Leaders Meeting or Fall Leaders Meeting
2 Attendance at a District Leadership Conference
6 Facilitate Leader Training Session at ISA Fall Leaders Meeting
8 Write an Article for InTech (upon approval)
8 Create a Leadership Training Module
5 Present at a local section meeting
5 District Vice President
4 District/Department Vice President Elect
4 Division Director
3 Be a Member of a Division
2 Be a Member of an active Standards Committee
2 Other Section or Division Officer Positions
4 Committee Chair**
2 Committee Member
5 Section President
4 Section Vice President
3 Section Treasurer
2 Section Secretary
2 Section Program Chair
2 Section Webmaster
2 Section Newsletter Editor
2 Section Membership Chair
2 Section Standards and Practices Chair
2 Section Divisions Chair
2 Section Student Liaison Chair
2 Section Honors and Awards Chair
2 Section Education Chair

Total Points Required for Certificate is 100

Upon completion of the required 100 points submit the Application form and supporting documentation. Note: Grandfathering of pre-enrollment experience is allowed only for items denoted with ** above. This experience needs to be within 5 years of enrollment. Contact MaChelle Beason, with any questions.