• ISA Leaders Meetings

    ISA Leaders Meetings engage a cross-section of ISA volunteer leaders in the policy-setting and decision-making process during two to four days of work sessions focused on society business held in a face-to-face setting.

    Leaders Meeting

    5 – 7 May, 2018
    Marriott Raleigh Crabtree Valley
    Raleigh, NC

    Who should attend:
    Elected and appointed Department Directors, Division Directors, Assembly members, and Executive Board members

    13 – 16 October, 2018
    Hyatt Regency Montreal
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Who should attend:
    Elected and appointed Department Directors, Division Directors, Assembly members, Executive Board members, Section Leaders and Delegates.

    General Leader Meeting Format

    • Meeting session time periods range from one to two hours with short breaks between each session.
    • Receptions, group event(s), and evening hospitalities are planned to facilitate networking. Attendees are encouraged to participate.
    • Leader Meetings begin with a Kick Off where information about Society plans and key topics for the week's meetings are presented and the meetings conclude with a Wrap Up where key actions/decisions made during the meeting are shared. All Leader Meeting attendees should participate in these important sessions.
    • Most meetings are open and all ISA members are welcome to attend any meeting, however, there are some exceptions.
      • Closed - for committee members only as required by Society Policy
      • By Invitation Only - social function which requires a personal invitation
      • Limited Attendance - room size or food function limits number of observers
    • Meeting rooms are set up to accommodate the group that is meeting. Observers are welcome; however, they are not participants in meeting discussions, unless specifically invited by the meeting chair. The chair, at his/her discretion, may call on observers if the chair believes that it will further the business of the meeting, but the chair is not obligated to do so. The chair can call the meeting into executive session (group members only) at any time.

    How to get the most out of a Leaders Meeting

    • Plan your time. Review the schedule and select the sessions that are the most interesting and valuable to you. Leader training sessions (LDR) address the needs of section, district, division, department and Society officers and provide basic information about various aspects of Society operations. Some groups, such as standards committees, are working on on-going projects and meet in conjunction with the Leaders Meetings. All leaders are welcome to attend these sessions.
    • Participate. Attend the Kick Off and Wrap Up sessions and all sessions that apply to your area of ISA responsibility. Attend the social functions, including informal gatherings in the President's suite, to meet and network with other leaders and ISA staff.
    • Share. Pass along your ideas, needs or proposals directly to appropriate Society units. Ask questions of other Society leaders during the breaks and social functions.

    How policies and programs are developed

    • Activities and concepts being considered by ISA units are carefully reviewed, studied, and documented with supporting financial data.
    • New proposals are typically reviewed by the Strategic Planning Department and Finance Committee before going to the Executive Board for action.
    • Policy and procedure items approved by ISA Executive Board are documented in the ISA Manual of Organization and Procedures (MOP) and or ISA Policies and Operational Guidelines (POG).
    • New ongoing programs adopted by the Executive Board such as a publication or a meeting, are integrated into the business plan and budget and implemented by the ISA staff.

    Leaders Meetings represent a significant investment of Society resources. A Leader Meeting Planning Committee has been appointed to provide oversight of these meetings. The team members are Nicholas Sands, the current Professional Development Department Leadership Development Committee chair,the current Society President, and President-elect Secretary, Chesley Grove (staff), and Andrea Holovach (staff). The team welcomes your comments and feedback.