ISA Section Sponsored Educational Events


  • To work with ISA sections to conveniently offer quality single- or multi-day educational training programs to a local audience at an affordable price


  • Provide greater assistance in the sponsorship and implementation of local instructor-led educational programs
  • Increase success and attendance of co-sponsored events through ISA section and ISA HQ collaboration
  • Maximize resources of ISA Education Services department to coordinate training event and reduce administrative responsibilities of the local section
  • Provide opportunities for section to increase membership

Section responsibilities

The section will take the lead role in promoting the course offering(s) and assist ISA staff as necessary in planning and executing of the event. The section will:

  • Appoint a coordinator to work with ISA staff to plan the course offering, including course selection, date, and location
  • Provide a location and communicate location contact information to ISA staff
  • Provide a coordinator to serve as the onsite contact for onsite registrations, to manage the sign-in roster, and to provide instructor assistance
  • Complete and return a signed course sponsorship agreement
  • Promote the course offering using section-developed and/or ISA staff-developed promotional resources
    • Please refer to the Revenue Sharing section below for information related to the Early Bird Discount and the Course Cancellation Administration Fee

Important: The section must choose the date of course offering at least 16 weeks (roughly 4 months) prior to the course offering to provide ample time for promotion of the event. This 16-week time period includes the time ISA staff needs to develop marketing material for the section to use to promote the course offering.

ISA Staff responsibilities

ISA staff will take the lead role in coordinating the course offering in conjunction with the section coordinator. ISA staff will:

  • Work with section coordinator to determine the most appropriate course topic, if necessary
  • Handle all course pre-registrations (e.g. course offering listing on ISA website and collecting all advance registration fees)
  • Establish Early Bird Deadline and section promotional code (see Revenue Sharing section below)
  • Arrange for instructor and pay his or her honorarium and expenses
  • Supply and ship all requisite course materials, including the latest course files and projector (if needed), to the seminar location
  • Provide marketing materials for the section to use to promote the course to members and nonmembers in its geographic area. The following promotional pieces will be provided to the section to use and disseminate as it deems appropriate:
    • sample email with information about the course. ISA staff will not broadcast this email.
    • press release for local publications. ISA staff will not submit this release to any publications.
    • promotional brochure in PDF format. ISA staff will not print or mail this brochure. For exception, see Other Considerations section below. The brochure PDF will be designed for commercial printer purposes only. If you plan to use the brochure in another manner, please inform ISA staff of your planned use and required file formats so we can provide the appropriate file type.
  • Include mention of the course offering in relevant email campaigns as deemed appropriate by ISA staff
  • Provide guidance and best practices for the successful promotion and implementation of the course offering
  • Add section event where course offering will be held to ISA's online calendar, if applicable

Attendee Fees

  • Single-day course offerings: Fees are $650 per person for ISA members and $815 per person list price for nonmembers
  • Multi-day course offerings: Pricing varies by course

Note: Attendee fees inclusive of all course materials for both single- and multi-day courses. Attendee fees are subject to change by ISA.

Revenue Sharing

Revenue to section, if course runs:
  • Section will receive 20% of gross registration fees if  the section gets at least five (5) participants to register by the Early Bird Deadline
    • Section will receive a unique registration promotion code for course registrants to use for an Early Bird Discount
    • The promotion code will give participants a 5% discount on their course registration (when used by the Early Bird Deadline)
  • Section will receive 10% of gross registration fees for 5-15 participants if fewer than five (5) participants register by the Early Bird Deadline using the section's promotional code (see above for details)
  • Section will receive 15% of gross registration fees for 16 or more participants if fewer than five (5) participants register by the Early Bird Deadline using the section's promotional code (see above for details) 

Note: A minimum # of students will be required (and vary) in order to determine economic feasibility for ISA and the Section sponsor.

Course Cancellation Administration Fee for section, if course cancels:

  • Single-day Course Offerings: If course offering cancels due to lack of sufficient registrations (>5), section will pay a $250 Administration Fee (per course) to ISA to cover a portion of ISA's costs and labor incurred prior to cancellation date
  • Multi-day Course Offerings: If course offering cancels due to lack of sufficient registrations (>5), Section will pay a $500 Administration Fee (per course) to ISA to cover a portion of ISA's costs and labor incurred prior to cancellation date

Other Considerations

  • Business terms for multi-day courses may vary slightly from those for single-day courses
  • All courses are priced in US dollars
  • Section can reach nonmember customers in the ISA database with the course promotional brochure provided by ISA in one of the following ways:
    • Requesting a list of ISA's nonmember customers to be sent to the section's bonded mailing house. Section pays for printing, postage, and mailing of the brochure. Two weeks notice is required for list to be built and sent to bonded mail house.
    • Taking advantage of ISA's bulk rates and long-standing relationships with its printing and mailing vendors by using ISA to print and mail the course brochure to a list of ISA's nonmember customers. The cost for this service is $1,000 per 1,000 names and includes printing, postage, and mailing costs. For non-US addresses, the cost for this service is $1,750 per 1,000 names. Once the request for this service is received, section can expect the brochure to be in the mail within three to four weeks. ISA staff recommends making this request when you return your signed course sponsorship agreement. 

ISA Courses




Automation Engineering Survival Training


Certified Automation Professional (CAP)Exam Review Course


Safety Instrumented Systems: An Overview


Introduction to Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industry


Safety Instrumented Systems: A Life- Cycle Approach


Advanced Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Selection


Advanced Design & SIL Verification


Industrial Flow Measurement Overview


Control Systems Engineering (CSE) PE Exam Review Course


Introduction to Boiler Control Systems


Boiler Control Systems Engineering


Boiler Burner Management Systems-Meeting NFPA Standards


Burner Management Systems Engineering Using NFPA Code 85 and ANSI/ISA77 Standards


Overview of Measurement and Control Fundamentals


Instrumentation Diagrams and Symbols


Ethernet and TCP/IP on the Plant Floor


Overview of FOUNDATION Fieldbus Technology


SCADA Systems Integration


Introduction to Industrial Automation Security and the ANSI/ISA99 Standards


Using the ISA/IEC 62443 Standards to Secure Your Control Systems


Assessing the Cybersecurity of New or Existing IACS Systems


IACS Cybersecurity Design & Implementation


IACS Cybersecurity Operations & Maintenance


Introduction to the Management of Alarm Systems


Introduction to Applying the Batch Control Standard ANSI/ISA-88.01 ANSI/ISA-88-01-1995


OPC-The Windows to the World are Open


Implementing Enterprise/Control Integration Using ANSI/ISA95 Standards


Implementing Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) using the ANSI/ISA95 Standards


Industrial Wireless Systems


Project Management for Technical Professionals


Beyond Basic LDAR


Electrical Controls for the Control System Technician


Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) Level I Review Course


Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) Level II Exam Review Course


Certified Control System Technician (CCST) Level III Exam Review Course


Please contact Lisa Green ( or 919-990-9292 for additional information.