• Celebrating Excellence Nominations

    Nominations for the Celebrating Excellence Awards program are now open! The nomination period for the Celebrating Excellence awards program will continue through 30 April 2015.

    To nominate a candidate:

    • Review the descriptions of the Celebrating Excellence award categories
    • Identify the peer, colleague, and/or company that you believe deserves special recognition
    • Complete the designated nomination form.

    Fellow Member Nomination

    The nomination period for Fellow will continue through 30 April 2015.

    • Select a nominee. Carefully select and pre-qualify candidates.
    • Verify that the nominee is qualified. Staff can validate length of membership and grade.
      • A Senior Member
      • At least five years of ISA membership.
      • Ten years of active work in automation.
      • An outstanding engineering or scientific contribution.
      • Current ISA Executive Board members are not eligible for Fellow grade election.
    • Identify qualified and eligible evaluators.
      • Each candidate must be evaluated by a minimum of five Fellow Members or a combination of nine Fellows and Senior Members. Preference should be given to Fellows when selecting evaluators. Refer to the list of Fellows By Expertise.
      • All evaluators must be current ISA members.
      • Evaluators should come from a wide geographical area with a balanced mix of relationships to the candidate (co-worker, subordinate, superior, customer, competitor, etc.) as well as a balanced mix of recognized authorities in the automation field and in the candidate's field of specialization.
      • It is not essential for the evaluator to know the candidate personally.
      • The evaluator's assessment should augment and reinforce the nomination.
      • Current ISA Executive Board Members and Admissions Committee Members are not eligible to serve as evaluators.
    • Thoroughly document attainments of candidates. Documentation should not be a job description or summary of the nominee's job performance. Accomplishments may take many forms, including: published technical papers, research, patents, innovative practices, books, education programs and activities, engineering projects, technical leadership. Society service is NOT a consideration for elevation to Fellow grade.
    • Collect completed evaluations and submit with nomination form by the established deadline. Please note that a complete nomination includes the nomination form along with the appropriate number of completed evaluations. Submit by email to Debbie Eby (deby@isa.org) or send by mail to ISA, Attn: Debbie Eby, PO Box 12277, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 USA.