• Fellow Member Nominations

    The submission period for 2018 Fellows nominations begins on 1 January 2018 and continues through 30 April 2018.

    • Carefully select and pre-qualify candidates for nomination
    • Verify that the nominee is qualified. Staff can validate length of membership and grade
      • A Senior Member
      • At least five years of ISA membership
      • Ten years of active work in automation
      • An outstanding engineering or scientific contribution
      • Current ISA Executive Board members are not eligible for Fellow grade election

    Identify qualified and eligible evaluators.

    • Each candidate must be evaluated by a minimum of five Fellow Members or a combination of nine Fellows and Senior Members. Preference should be given to Fellows when selecting evaluators
    • All evaluators must be current ISA members
    • Evaluators should come from a wide geographical area with a balanced mix of relationships to the candidate (co-worker, subordinate, superior, customer, competitor, etc.) as well as a balanced mix of recognized authorities in the automation field and in the candidate's field of specialization
    • It is not essential for the evaluator to know the candidate personally
    • The evaluator's assessment should augment and reinforce the nomination
    • Current ISA Executive Board Members and Admissions Committee Members as well as the Nominator are not eligible to serve as evaluators


    Nomination Process

    Nominate a deserving candidate. You will be asked to create a login which will allow you to save and come back as needed to complete your nomination. Please note, this is NOT your ISA login. The nomination deadline is 30 April.

    The Admissions Committee reviews and recommends candidates for Fellow to the Executive Board for election to Fellow Grade.

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