• Section Excellence


    Recognizes an ISA section, regular or student, for development and/or execution of programs, initiatives, activities, and/or services to advance the mission of the Society.


    The Section must have activities, programs, initiatives, and/or services in the previous three years that have provided significant value to the members of the section. This performance will be weighted as 25% of the total scoring.

    The Section must have an outstanding initiative, which has been successfully launched and implemented in the previous calendar year and has produced tangible and documented results, which supported and/or advanced the mission of the Society. This performance will be weighted as 75% of the total scoring. 

    Nomination Process

    Candidates are nominated by the District Vice Presidents on the proper form by the designated deadline. You will be asked to create a login which will allow you to save and come back as needed to complete your nomination. Please note, this is NOT your ISA login.The nomination form should be completed by the Section President for review, approval, and submission by the District Vice President.  

    Nominations will describe in 500 words or less the activities of the section and the outstanding initiative undertaken, how this initiative supports the Society's mission, provide examples of the results achieved, and the benefits to the section and members. Nominations are reviewed by a subcommittee of the Honors and Awards Committee.

    Documentation requirements include:

    • General description of the section (regular or student section, number of members, location, etc.) and of its regular activities during the previous three years. (100 words limit)
    • Description of the outstanding initiative undertaken in the past calendar year. (150 words limit)
    • Description of how this initiative supports the Society's mission. (100 words limit)
    • Description of the results achieved from the initiative and the benefits attained by the Section and the members. (150 words limit) 


    Administration and Judging

    Recommendation of the H&A Committee is submitted to the Executive Board for approval. The section type, size, and overall operation will be used to establish the criteria for an active section and to evaluate the outstanding initiative that was implemented. The innovation of the outstanding initiative, the degree of support for the Society Mission, and the overall benefit to the Section and the members will be used to complete the evaluation. A maximum of three sections will be announced as finalists for the recognition, with the final selection announced at the annual Honors & Awards Gala. All runners-up will be recognized at the H&A Gala and the achievements noted.

    Past Honorees

    2017 Ireland Section
    2016 Calgary Section
    2015 Houston Section
    2014 Calgary Section
    2013 OSU Stillwater Student Section
    2012 Instituto Tecnologico de Minatitlan Student Section


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