• Excellence in Technical Presentation


    Recognizes the most outstanding paper, article, presentation, or document published and/or presented on behalf of ISA that introduces a new technology or explains an existing automation process.


    The purpose, discourse, and treatment of subject matter is easily discernible, or definite, or comprehensible so that a qualified reader/viewer has no unanswered questions. The paper, article, presentation, or document that has not been professionally edited (e.g. InTech articles), was not written under contract, and introduces a new technology or explains an existing automation process.

    Nomination Process

    Top technical papers and/or presentations are identified based on evaluations and/or member recommendation, and/or outstanding division symposia papers and/or presentations as judged by division, and/or articles, papers, or documents that have not been professional edited submitted by members at large by the designated deadline.

    Administration and Judging

    Papers, presentations, and/or documents are reviewed and rated by a designated committee using common criteria. The top five papers, presentations and/or documents, based on numerical scoring by the review committee are presented to an H&A subcommittee for final review and selection. Recommendation of the H&A Committee is submitted to the Executive Board for approval.

    Past Honorees

    2019 Brian Mast
    2018 Oliver Schraa (co-author)
    2018 Matthew Gray (co-author)
    2017 Cyrus Taft (co-author)
    2017 John Sorge (co-author)
    2017 Mircea Lupu (co-author)
    2017 Rick Kephart (co-author)
    2016 Bernard J. Bagley (co-author)
    2016 Jeff Klaas (co-author)
    2016 Donald Labbe (co-author)
    2015 Paul Little
    2015 Jie Zhu
    2015 Phil Harris
    2014 Bill R. Hollifield
    2014 Hector R. Perez
    2013 Ty Campbell (co-author)
    2013 Robert L. Farmer (co-author)
    2013 Udo Gellert (co-author)
    2012 Mitchell Johnson (co-author)
    2012 Allan G. Gilson (co-author)

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