• Excellence in Technical Presentation


    Recognizes the most outstanding paper, article, presentation, or document published and/or presented on behalf of ISA that introduces a new technology or explains an existing automation process.


    Technical papers and/or presentations presented at an ISA event in the previous year and/or articles or documents that have not been professionally edited (e.g., InTech articles) and were not written under contract, published by ISA in the previous year, are eligible for consideration. The author or at least one co-author must be a current ISA member. The presentation must introduce a new technology or explain an existing automation process. The purpose, discourse, and treatment of subject matter is easily discernible, or definite, or comprehensible so that a qualified reader/viewer has no unanswered questions.

    Nomination Process

    Top technical papers and/or presentations and outstanding Division symposia papers as judged by the Division are automatically nominated. Technical papers, presentations, articles, papers, or documents that meet the criteria identified above may be submitted by members at large on the proper form by the designated deadline. You will be asked to create a login which will allow you to save and come back as needed to complete your nomination. Please note, this is NOT your ISA login.

    Current members of the ISA Honors & Awards Committee and ISA Executive Board are not eligible for nomination.

    Administration and Judging

    Papers, presentations, and/or documents are reviewed and rated by a designated committee using common criteria. The top five papers, presentations and/or documents, based on numerical scoring by the review committee are presented to an Honors and Awards subcommittee for final review and  selection. Recommendation of the Honors and Awards Committee is submitted to the Executive Board for approval.

    Past Honorees

    2017 Cyrus Taft (co-author)
    2017 John Sorge (co-author)
    2017 Mircea Lupu (co-author)
    2017 Rick Kephart (co-author) 
    2016 Bernard J. Bagley (co-author)
    2016 Jeff Klaas (co-author)
    2016 Donald Labbe (co-author)
    2015 Paul Little
    2015 Jie Zhu
    2015 Phil Harris
    2014 Bill R. Hollifield
    2014 Hector R. Perez
    2013 Ty Campbell (co-author)
    2013 Robert L. Farmer (co-author)
    2013 Udo Gellert (co-author)
    2012 Mitchell Johnson (co-author)
    2012 Allan G. Gilson (co-author)


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