Donald P. Eckman Award

The Donald P. Eckman Award, established in 1963, recognized an outstanding contribution(s) toward education and training in the science, engineering and technology of instrumentation, systems, and automation. The award was a memorial to Dr. Donald P. Eckman, formerly of Case-Western Reserve University, to recognize profound individual accomplishments and contributions to instrumentation.


1963 J. G. Truxal
1964 T.J. Higgins
1965 J.L. Shearer
1966 L.L. Rauch
1967 R. Oldenburger
1968 L.M. Zoss
1969 A.D. Moore
1970 H.V. Malmstadt
1971 F.J. Ziol
1972 B.S. Swanson
1973 J.T. Anagnost
1974 J.G. Webster
1975 W.L. Luyben
1976 P.W. Murrill
1977 R.J. Moffat
1978 L.E. McCaw
1979 F.W. Kirk
1980 P.K. Stein
1981 Not Awarded
1982 E.R. Forman
1983 F.G. Shinskey
1984 R.L. Moore
1985 C.H. Cho
1986 D.F. Dellenbach
1987 T.J. McAvoy
1988 M.S. Cocheo
1989 J.M. Bacon
1990 P.B. Deshande
1991 R.K. Adams
1992 E.F. Gregg
1993 T.F. Edgar
1994 J.R. Connell
1995 Z. Taqvi
1996 Not Awarded
1997 D.Mykitiuk
1998 F.G. Sheane
1999 S.M. Herb
1999 R.K. Wood
2000 L.A. Shirtliffe
2000 S. Renganathan
2001 T.M. Stout
2002 I.C. Ume
2003 D.M. Auslander
2004 E.J. Byres
2005 C.J. Carter
2006 G.W. Cockrell
2007 B.A. Ogunnaike
2008 H.L. Wade
2009 A.V. Bobovich
2010 J.O. Trierweiler
2011 L.D. Durbin

Don W. Thompson Award

The Don W. Thompson Award, established in 2001, recognized exemplary efforts and achievements to encourage and support student activity and to mentor students. The award was in recognition of Don W. Thompson, Tulsa Section, who served as an exemplary role model for the many students he mentored and encouraged. His dedication to Student Support and involvement with ISA led to the creation of the District 8 Student Conference in 1989. This event was used as a model for other Districts to emulate.


2002 L.G. Bourgois
2003 A.V. Bobovitch
2004 E.T. Meyers
2005 S.A. Weatherby
2006 M.C. Cannon
2007 E.T. Ibrahim
2008 O. Mirabella
2009 I. Ross
2010 R. Tunstall
2011 C.J. Munaro