• ISA7, Instrument Air Standards Committee


    The scope of the standard generated by this committee shall be to:

    1. Establish practical instrument quality air standards.

    2. Provide criteria for production of Instrument Quality Air.

    3. Provide criteria for distribution of Instrument Quality Air.

    4. Provide criteria for testing for compliance with Instrument Quality Air standards.

    5. Provide criteria for testing pneumatic systems for integrity and responsiveness.


    The purpose of this committee is to develop, maintain, and update standards, recommended practices, and technical reports related to the use of pneumatic circuits in measurement, transmission, and control applications.

    A Word from the Chairman

    The committee published the standard ISA-7.0.01,Quality Standard for Instrument Air, in 1996. The standard, complete with all updates, incorporated the following previous ISA7 subcommittees and documents:

    ISA7.1, Pneumatic Control Circuit Pressure Test

    ISA7.3, Air Quality Standards for Pneumtic Instruments

    ISA7.3S, Application and Tests for Quality Standards for Instrument Air

    ISA7.4, Air Pressures for Pneumatic Controllers and Transmission Systems

    ISA7.6, Pneumatic Control Circuit Transmission Distances

    ISA-RP7.1-1956, Pneumatic Control Circuit Pressure Test

    ISA-7.3-1975 (R1981), Quality Standard for Instrument Air

    ISA-7.4-1981, Air Pressures for Pneumatic Controllers, Transmitters and Transmission Systems

    ISA-RP7.7-1984, Producing Quality Instrument Air

    For more information, please contact

    Eliana Brazda
    ISA Standards Administrator
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