• ISA67.04, Setpoints for Safety-Related Instrumentation Used in Nuclear Power Plants


    To prepare standards and guidelines, conduct symposia, and otherwise extend knowledge and use of this discipline.


    To develop a basis for safety-related setpoints.


    The ISA67.04 subcommittee will hold its next face-to-face meeting in conjunction with the 2014 POWID Symposium. Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.


    ANSI/ISA-67.04.01-2006 (R2011), Setpoints for Nuclear Safety-Related Instrumentation, and ISA-RP67.04.02-2010, Methodologies for the Determination of Setpoint for Nuclear Safety-Related Instrumentation, are available. If you are interested in assisting in the writing or revising of any of the ISA67.04 technical reports, standards, or recommended practices, please contact Vice Chairman, Pete VandeVisse, or ISA Standards Administrator, Eliana Brazda, at ebrazda@isa.org or (919) 990-9228.

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