• ISA67.02, Instrument Sensing Line Piping and Tubing Standards for Use in Nuclear Power Plants


    This committee covers design, protection, and installation of nuclear safety related instrument sensing and sampling lines for nuclear power plants. This covers the pressure boundary requirements for piping, capillary tubing, and tubing lines up to and including one inch (1") (25.4mm) outside diameter or three-quarter inch (3/4") nominal pipe. The boundaries span from the process tap up to but not including the instrument.

    Note: The ISA67.02 and ISA67.10 committees are combined into ISA67.02.


    This committee shall establish applicable code requirements and code boundaries for the design and installation of instrument sensing and sample lines, and provide assurance that the function of nuclear safety-related instruments is available.

    A Word from the Chairman

    Chairman Klemme Herman announces that the revision of ISA-67.02.01-1999, Nuclear Safety-Related Instrument-Sensing Line Piping and Tubing Standard for Use in Nuclear Power Plants, is now out for public review.

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    Eliana Brazda
    ISA Standards Administrator
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