• ISA42, Nomenclature for Instrument Tube Fittings


    ISA-RP42.00.01-2001Nomenclature for Instrument Tube Fittings, defines nomenclature for tube fittings most commonly used in instrumentation. It is not intended as a substitute for manufacturers' catalog numbers, nor does it apply to special fittings.

    This recommend practice is intended to apply to mechanical flare and flareless tube fittings, as commonly used in instrument tubing systems.


    The purpose of this recommended practice is to aid in the proper specification and application of instrument tube fittings by standardizing nomenclature. Proper use of this recommended practice should result in data that: more accurately describe a particular fitting for all interested parties; permit better communication between manufacturer, vendor, purchaser, and the ultimate user; and are based on standard nomenclature to be used by drafting, billing, purchasing, and store groups.

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