• Meet our Members: Q&A with Jerry Clemons

    Jerry Clemons
    Jerry Clemons

    Please provide me with some general information about yourself, such as your current ISA involvement, current job position, etc.

    I currently work as a consultant at ABB Process Analytics in Lewisburg, West Virginia. The company manufactures online process analyzers for the hydrocarbon processing industry. I have been with the company since 1968; I “retired” in 2003 but have continued to work on special projects. As for my involvement in ISA, I am currently the Chairman of the Technical Assembly, which is made up of the Automation and Technology Department, the Industries and Sciences Department, and the Standards and Practices Department. I also serve as Chairman of Honors and Awards for the ISA Analysis Division.

    Please give us a brief introduction of your educational background (degree/s received and when) and your particular career interests in automation.

    I received a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Erskine College in 1967, a master of science degree in analytical chemistry from Clemson University in 1970, and a doctorate degree in analytical chemistry from Virginia Tech in 1977. My primary interest in automation focuses on analytical measurements for process control.  These measurements are essential to ensure the proper chemical processes are in place to deliver quality products.

    Tell us about your current role and function—both in terms of your career and your involvement in ISA.

    As a consultant for ABB Process Analytics, I am currently working on new methods of chromatographic detection, detecting trace levels of an ever-changing variety of chemical compounds. The industry continues to develop new products and needs are increasing to conduct measurements at lower and lower concentrations. As Chairman of the ISA Technical Assembly, I am responsible for ensuring that the Society’s technical departments maintain an active role in the operations, procedures, and policies within ISA. The Technical Assembly is actively working to achieve the formal strategic goals recently established by ISA’s Executive Board. (These goals are targeted toward cybersecurity, advocacy, data, coolest delivery, and content.)

    How would you say ISA has benefited you?

    ISA has benefited me by providing great opportunities for me to network with fellow members and professionals throughout the automation community.  It also has enabled me to stay current with the technical developments occurring across the industry through ISA’s varied technical publications, symposia and conferences, and training programs.

    What advice would you give to other young professionals entering the automation profession?

    The automation profession involves continuous learning. Take every opportunity to learn new skills. They will contribute to and increase your value as an employee.  This is important as employers often place the greatest value on employees who have varied skills and can function in multiple job roles.