• ISA HMI standard and key technical reports published

    ISA’s first HMI standard has been approved as an American National Standard. ANSI/ISA-101.01-2015, Human Machine Interfaces for Process Automation Systems, covers the philosophy, design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of HMIs for process automation systems, including multiple work processes throughout the HMI lifecycle. It defines the terminology and models to develop an HMI and the work processes recommended to effectively maintain the HMI throughout its lifecycle.  The target audiences include end users, designers, developers, and implementers of HMI systems. The new standard may be viewed by ISA members and obtained at www.isa.org/findstandards.

    In addition to the HMI standard, four newly published ISA technical reports provide guidelines in several key areas of process automation.

    • ISA-TR108.1-2015, Intelligent Device Management Part 1: Concepts and Terminology. This technical report describes concepts and terminology necessary to understand and communicate effectively about intelligent device management (IDM). It gives overviews of the basic concepts of how intelligent devices can be managed and how such device management plays a larger role in the overall objectives of a facility throughout its lifecycle. The document explains the relationship between IDM and other existing asset management standards.

    • ISA-TR62443-2-3, Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems Part 2-3: Patch Management in the IACS Environment. This latest work product of the ISA99 committee sets forth guidelines for asset owners and industrial automation and control system (IACS) product suppliers that have established and are now maintaining an IACS patch management program. It recommends a defined format for the distribution of information about security patches from asset owners to IACS product suppliers, definition of some of the activities associated with the development of the patch information by IACS product suppliers, and deployment and installation of patches by asset owners. The exchange format and activities are defined for use in security-related patches; however, they may also be applicable for non-security-related patches or updates. 

    • ISA–TR18.2.3, Basic Alarm Design. This is the latest in a series of technical reports developed by the prolific ISA18 committee, providing guidance on implementing the practices set forth in the widely used ISA-18.2 standard, Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries. The new technical report provides details on the basic alarm design process described in ISA-18.2 clause 10. Following the lifecycle model shown in ISA-18.2, the document assumes that alarms to be addressed in basic alarm design have completed rationalization where attributes such as alarm setpoint and priority have been defined.

    • ISA-TR88.00.02, Machine and Unit States. This updated technical report provides an implementation example of the widely used ISA-88 Batch Control series of standards. The purpose is to define a standard state-based model for automated machines.

    The new technical reports may be viewed by ISA members and obtained at www.isa.org/findstandards.  Have an idea for an ISA standard, book, training course, conference topic, or other product or service? Send it to: idea@isa.org.