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    Birmingham Section Technical Meeting

    Revere Controls Systems
    Birmingham, Alabama
    Tuesday, 8 January 2019
    4 p.m.

    Topic: The Next Bhopal | Speaker: Paul Gruhn, P.E., CFSE - ISA 2019 President
    Paul Gruhn
         Paul Gruhn

    Many of the precursors that led to the Bhopal disaster actually occur daily in minor forms throughout industry today. Preventing disasters-and the incidents of lesser consequence leading up to them-requires probing deeper beneath their seemingly superficial, distracting, and highly visible exterior. This paper will summarize fundamentals of a portion of the Bhopal plant's process design, changes that were made contrary to the original specifications, problems encountered, and how these issues came together to cause the worst industrial disaster in history. Relating these events to issues commonly encountered in other facilities around the world today creates many parallels.

    Paul Gruhn is a Global Functional Safety Consultant with aeSolutions in Houston, Texas. Gruhn is an ISA Fellow and the chair of the ISA84 standard committee (on safety instrumented systems).  He possesses a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in Texas, and both a Certified Functional Safety Expert (CFSE) and an ISA84 Safety Instrumented Systems Expert.  He is also the ISA President for 2019.

    Please visit the Birmingham Section website at www.isa.org/birmingham.

    Robotics Workshop

    Flextronics Internacional Tecnologia
    Avenida Liberdade, 1701 - Sorocaba- SP, Brazil
    Tuesday, 29 January 2019
    8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Please join ISA's Campinas Section for a free one-day workshop about new developments in robotics. Presentations will include news and updates on recent applications. A Q&A session with the speakers will take place at the end of the session.

    Attendants are invited to a free brunch while they mingle and network. Please visit http://www.isacampinas.org.br/eventos/  for more information on this workshop.

    Control Valves, Sizing and Selection Training Course

    Madrid, Spain
    12-14 February 2019
    9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    Join ISA's Spain Section and instructor Antonio Campo for this practical training course that is in high demand and repeatedly requested.  Students will have the opportunity to learn all about sizing, selection, handling noise, cavitation and other problems in control valves.

    ISA Netherlands Section Participates at World of Technology & Science Exhibition

    The ISA Netherlands Section exhibited at the World of Technology & Science (WoTS) Exhibition, which took place 2-5 October in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. More than 21,000 people visited/attended the event.

    The WoTS exhibition served as an ideal gathering for professionals in industry and science. Attendees had the opportunity to explore a variety of seminars. Exhibitors were able to interact with-and demonstrate their products and services to-a wide range of professionals in the technology and scientific fields.

    The Netherlands Section represented the interests of the Dutch ISA members and offered special activities, themed evenings, and social events for these professionals.

    During the WoTS, the Netherlands Section was represented by some of its partners, namely: Poware, Hudson Cybertec, Yellax, Yokogawa and Thermo Electric. The exhibit manned by the Netherlands Section was buzzing with activity. It served as a point of contact for existing ISA members as well as other professionals interested in learning more about the Society. While enjoying a snack and a drink, visitors were informed about important developments in automation and the many benefits of becoming a member of the ISA Netherlands Section.

    If you missed the WoTS and want to know more about the event or would like to learn more about ISA's Netherlands Section, please contact us at info@isa-netherlands.org.

    ISA Netherlands Section

    Unicauca Student Section Technical Tours

    In November, members of ISA's Unicauca Student Section traveled through Colombia visiting companies that develop automation and control processes. The students visited the EMCALI's Energy facilities and Water and Wastewater Monitoring and Control Center at Santiago de Cali; attended a symposium, "Cuarta revolución industrial," organized by National University of Colombia at Manizales city; and toured plants in Riduco S.A.

    Unicauca Student Section img 1
    Students gather at EMCALI's Energy facilities at Santiago de Cali.

    Unicauca Student Section img 2
    Students attended an informative symposium, "Cuarta revolución industrial," at the National University of Colombia, Manizales.

    ISA Spain Delegation Visits The Hague University

    A Spanish ISA delegation from Centro San Juan Bosco, Cartagena recently visited the faculty of IT & Design of The Hague University. The delegation was given a tour of the Delft campus of IT & Design by ISA Netherlands Section's Education Chair, Sjaak Peski. The group visited a number of different classrooms on the campus, where they learned about the educational system and examined several student projects.

    The delegation and the ISA Netherlands Section members also made a trip to the "Betafactory," a 1200 m2 warehouse where students work on projects in the workshop and design and develop prototypes using machines and materials. The learning labs enable industry, government, and educational and knowledge-centric institutions to work together. The facility also gives students and companies the opportunity to develop prototypes, beginning with the inception of an idea, to the engineering phase, and eventually to production-ready products.

    The delegation also had the opportunity to investigate a project from Accenda, a company specializing in converting cars with a polluting, conventional combustion engine to cars with an electric engine where the energy is derived from batteries or hydrogen fuel cell technology.

    After the tour, the Spanish delegation and ISA Netherlands Section members discussed the different educational systems and agreed to consider the possibility of a student exchange program in the future.

    ISA Spain Delegation Visits The Hague University img

    Tampa Bay Section's Kick-off Meeting

    During the middle of October, a networking event was held to commence the 2018 season, provide a networking opportunity for area members and equipment suppliers, present new board members, and introduce the ISA Tampa Section scholarship winner from the University of South Florida (USF). More than 40 people attended; twelve suppliers set up table top presentations; and the USF student chapter representative attended to confirm the establishment of a student chapter and discuss ISA representation at USF Engineers Week in the spring of 2019.

    Technical Meeting: Challenges and Opportunities in Industry 4.0 in Barcelona and Madrid

    This past November, ISA's Spain Section hosted a training on Industry 4.0, which includes IIoT as well as several other techniques. The course was instructed by Xavier Cardeña.

    Challenges and Opportunities in Industry 4.0 in Barcelona and Madrid img
    Xavier Cardeña (HMS industrial networks) served as speaker of the meetings in Barcelona and Madrid.

    San Juan Bosco (Cartagena, Spain) Student Section Visits the Matelec Expo

    Matelec is one of the most important I&C expos in Spain. For San Juan Bosco students, the event presented a great opportunity to learn about real instruments and market trends.

    San Juan Bosco (Cartagena, Spain) Student Section img

    ISA Unicauca Student Section Brings Smiles to the Community

    Every year since 2012, ISA's Unicauca Student Section hosts a social integration activity for vulnerable communities in the city of Popayan and surrounding areas. "ISA regala una sonrisa" or "ISA Gives a Smile" focuses on the social and human desire to help the area community. This event is a day of games and activities organized to uplift the spirits of children for Christmas and the holiday season.

    Are you interested in featuring important events and activities occurring at the section-and district-level of the Society in ISA Insights? Please contact sections@isa.org for more details.