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    Functional Safety and SIL Certification, Risknowlogy India Limited

    MCCIA Pune
    Saturday, 10 February 2018
    6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

    Risknowlogy India Pvt. Ltd, is engaged in SIL Validation, Certification, training (CFSP, CSFE) and allied activities. Functional safety is a subject that is of interest to every industry that has some potential hazard to personnel, environment, or assets. Any incident has an impact on the reputation of the company, and statistics say that the cost of an incident is from 20 to 200 times the cost of the entire factory/plant/unit. This cost can be saved by having proper functional safety.

    SIL certification is very necessary for device/instrument manufacturers as it allows entry to the elite safety systems league. Risknowlogy is involved in getting manufacturers to achieve getting the SIL certification.

    Speaker Mandar Phadke has more than 27 years of experience in the industry, having worked in some very critical processes. He now heads Risknowlogy India. He is well known in the functional safety and SIL circles, having given many seminars and papers in domestic and International events.

    More information on the event can be found at http://isa-pune.org/events-and-conferences.

    Workshop: ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND AUTOMATION (Including IEC 61850)

    Flextronics Instituto de Tecnologia (FIT)
    Av. Liberdade, 6315, Sorocaba, SP, Brazil
    Tuesday, 20 February 2018
    9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Attend this one-day workshop full of presentations, information, and updates on energy efficiency and automation, including IEC 61850 explanations.

    A free brunch will be served to attendants to enjoy as they develop their professional networks.

    Information on this event and others is available at the ISA Campinas section page, http://www.isacampinas.org.br/detalhamento/?t=evento&evento=133

    Training: Pressure Measurement

    Campinas, SP, Brazil
    Monday, 26 February – Friday, 2 March 2018
    7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

    This valuable course is targeted to professionals, technicians, and engineers who need to improve their knowledge about designing, selecting, installing and commissioning pressure related loops. It’s also intended to assist them in making more effective decisions.

    This training will provide fundamental concepts about pressure, measurement technologies, installation recommendations, temperature compensation, documentation, international standards and real case analysis.

    To register for this training, visit the ISA Campinas section page: http://www.isacampinas.org.br/detalhamento/?t=curso&curso=48

    Feira Industrial de Tecnologia da Automação e Robótica 2018
    Caçapava, São Paulo, Brazil
    Friday, 23 March – Sunday, 25 March 2018
    10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

    Please join the ISA Vale do Paraiba Section for an exhibition of technologies in automation and robotics as well as important lectures and seminars given by many leading professionals.

    Please contact Renan Rezende at contato@isavale.org.br for more information.

    ISA Houston Section Cajun Cook Off

    Sawyer Yards
    2101 Winter St., Houston, Texas 77007
    Wednesday, 28 March 2018
    5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

    The Cajun Cook Off & Table Top Show is a fund-raising event for the ISA Houston Section Scholarship Program. Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy great Cajun dishes and drinks, and to network with event sponsors. There will be an award ceremony to honor: Best Cajun Cookers, Best Vegetarian Cajun Dish, Best Sponsor Theme & Audience Vote for Best Cajun Food.

    To register for this cook off, visit https://houstonisa.org/event/2018-isa-houston-section-cajun-cook-off-table-top-show/ or contact Amanda Hardy at amanda@functionzinc.com.

    Training: Basic Instrumentation

    Rua Silvia, 110 Bela Vista, São Paulo, Brazil
    Monday, 9 April – Friday, 13 April 2018
    8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    This training will provide participants with basic information on the main measurement techniques of the most common process variables (pressure, level, flow, temperature) in the continuous and discontinuous process industry. The course will also cover the main types of control valves and positioners associated with them, and will present the terminologies, symbologies, and definitions most used in the instrumentation area.

    Registration is now open at www.isasp.org.br/calendario/treinamento-instrumentacao-basica-abr2018.html.

    Industrial Flow Measurement Overview Class

    Holiday Inn French Quarter
    10630 Fremont Pike Perrysburg, OH 43551-3354
    Wednesday, 11 April 2018
    8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    This course will present applications of modern flow measurement systems. In addition, flowmeter accuracy, performance, sizing, specification, selection, and installation considerations are covered. Focus is on productivity improvement and cost efficiencies of measurement and control. Also, you will focus on: whether, when, and how to use the technologies that measure flow; the effect of fluid properties; and engineering practices required to optimize flowmeter performance. This course includes practical examples of flowmeter selection and problem solutions, with emphasis on basic principles or alternative technologies based on class preference.

    Registration for this event is now open! Click here to register.

    Training: Specification and Dimensioning of Control Valves for the Process Industry

    Rua Silvia, 110 Bela Vista, São Paulo, Brazil
    Tuesday, 17 April – Thursday, 19 April 2018
    8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    This training will expand and update the participants' knowledge on the specification, selection, and design of the control valve as applied to the process industry in accordance with best practices and current standards.

    Registration is now open at www.isasp.org.br/calendario/treinamento-valvulas-de-controle-abr2018.html.

    Montana Section 2018 Control Systems Training Conference & Vendor Exhibition

    Billings Hotel and Convention Center; Billings, Montana
    Tuesday, 26 June – Wednesday, 27 June 2018
    8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    The ISA Montana Section will host its ISA Training Conference and Vendor Exhibition during June 2018. This event is an ideal opportunity to learn about many of the new developments in the field of industrial instrumentation and control.  Representatives from many of the instrument suppliers that serve Montana and the surrounding states will be on hand in the Vendor Exhibition.  Plan to spend time in the Vendor Exhibition area to learn about the latest product offerings. The vendors are committed to helping attendees find solutions to difficult instrument applications.

    Class presentations will be held on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Each class will be either two or four hours in length. After the conference, certificates will be awarded to those who attend the classes. Class presentations in past conferences covered such topics as:  Arc Flash Analysis, Wireless Instruments, PLC Programming, Natural Gas Measurement, Flow/Level/Pressure/Temperature Instrumentation, Ambient Gas Detection, Control Valve Sizing, SIS Implementation, Loop Tuning, Gas Chromatographs, Lighting and Surge Protection, Heat Training Design, etc.

    The ISA Montana Section will provide lunch during the conference for all registered guests.  A section meeting will be held on Monday, 25 June 2018 at 4 pm in the exhibition area to discuss updates and recent happenings.  All current ISA members are invited to the section meeting.

    This year’s event will include an optional golf tournament (scramble format) Tuesday evening, 26 June 2018, at 4:15 pm (shotgun start), followed by dinner (6:30 pm) at the Briarwood Golf Course.  Bring your clubs or just enjoy dinner at Briarwood after the round. Proceeds from the conference are used to provide scholarships to students at Montana Tech, Montana State University (MSU) – Bozeman and MSU – Northern enrolled in instrumentation/electrical curriculums.

    For more information on this event, please contact John Montgomery, John Montgomery, President, at john.montgomery2@worleyparsons.com or Jason Brockel, Vice-President, at Jason.brockel@emerson.com.

    VI Jornada Tecnológica ISA Vale & Monsanto

    São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil
    Thursday, 20 September 2018
    8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    The ISA Vale do Paraiba Section will host an exhibition and lectures featuring automation technologies used at Monsanto.

    Check out the section page, www.isavale.org.br, for details on this event and others on the horizon.

    Expo ISA Vale Section 2018

    Guaratinguetá, São Paulo, Brazil
    Thursday, 22 November 2018
    10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

    You’re invited to attend this day of exhibitions, lectures, and training on automation and instrumentation technologies. Attendees include representatives of large companies and universities as well as other automation professionals.

    Please contact Renan Rezende at contato@isavale.org.br for more information.

    Honors & Awards ISA Vale do Paraíba Section

    Guaratinguetá, São Paulo, Brazil
    Sunday, 9 December 2018
    8 p.m.

    Please join the ISA Vale do Paraiba for dinner and dancing to celebrate the achievements of the year and to honor companies and professionals that made the difference in 2018.

    Check out the section page, www.isavale.org.br, for details on this event and others on the horizon.

    Students Conference on Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

    Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT) and ISA Pune section conducted a student conference on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This was a great opportunity for students to display their talent. IIoT-based projects were presented and evaluated with prizes for the winners.

    ISA Netherlands Section College Tour arrives at BetaFactory

    On 7 November 2017, the ISA Netherlands Section organized the second college tour for 2017. During the college tour, several theme events were organized at various educational institutions in The Netherlands. The second tour was hosted at The BetaFactory for the members of ISA Netherlands Section and other interested professionals. Participants were welcomed in The BetaFactory with coffee and tea.

    Ruud Timmermans, ISA Netherlands Section Treasurer, welcomed all attendees, gave an overview of the agenda, and introduced the speakers and the host of the event. The host, Marcel van Wijk, gave an introduction of the BetaFactory location and its opportunities. There were speakers on three topics: alarm management, cybersecurity and drone applications.

    Alarm Management

    Ruud Timmermans and Pieter Dekker of Euro Tank Terminal (ETT) gave a joint presentation on alarm management. They explored how ETT used the ISA-18.2 standard to successfully reduce the number of alarms at the terminal in a significant way. The co-hosted interactive presentation further addressed topics such as: what actually is an alarm, what are the properties of an alarm, and how do employees on site have to deal with the various alarms, based on their respective roles and responsibilities.


    Mitchell de Heer, on behalf of Hudson Cybertec (partner of ISA Netherlands Section), addressed the audience with a presentation about Cybersecurity Forensics within IACS (Industrial Automation and Control Systems) environments. He examined how digital forensic skills are used to investigate problems and address several challenges within the IACS domain.

    Devices used today often don’t have the capability for forensic analysis. However, there are many circumstances where an organization may benefit from gathering and preserving digital evidence before an incident occurs. de Heer ended his presentation with several practical ideas/methods for organizations involved with IACS to maximize their potential to collect digital evidence whilst minimizing the costs of an investigation.

    Tank Inspections with Drones

    Falcker’s Thomas Schouten, in collaboration with Cisco’s Cathy Boers, gave a presentation about the use of drones for tank inspections. The proactive use of drones reduces the cost of maintenance and helps find weaknesses and threats for the daily operation of a tank terminal. The use of drones also reduces the time needed for many maintenance activities and the use of scaffolding for normal human visual inspections. 

    By collecting data with cameras and using other sensors and special tools, organizations can leverage information to reduce downtime and avoid human error. Schouten concluded his presentation with a movie about drone inspections at MOT (Maasvlakte Olie Terminal).


    Within walking distance of The Hague University of Applied Sciences Delft is Betafactory 16, a construction area of ​​1200 m2. Here, the Betafactory facilitates partnerships necessary for successful educational and business projects. Entrepreneurship and innovation are central themes. The workshop forms a project-construction environment that functions as a testing and development environment. Students can carry out projects in the workplace and design/develop prototypes using machines and materials.

    Within the learning labs, industry, government, education and knowledge institutions work together to bring supply and demand from education and industry together. With Betafactory 16, students and companies are given the opportunity to pursue innovative strategies, processes, and solutions—from the idea, design and engineering phase to production-ready products. In addition to its practical applications and value, the workshop also offers process-based support from education. More information about the BetaFactory can be found at  http://www.betafactory.nl.

    Continuation of college tour

    In 2018, the ISA Netherlands Section college tour will visit several other educational institutions. Theme evenings will be organized at The HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Hague University, the Avans University of Applied Sciences and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.




    ISA São Paulo Section Confraternization Happy Hour for Members

    Attracting members of the ISA São Paulo Section as well as many invited guests, The ISA São Paulo Confraternization Happy Hour was held on 6 December 2017 at Sofá Café, located in the Brazilian British Center in São Paulo.

    During the event, a range of members were honored for their contributions to the section during the year. Awards were presented to:

    • Antonio Tomé Guerra (Outstanding Director Award) for his work on the Technical Evaluation Committee of the events and publications of São Paulo Section.
    • Claudio Garcia (ISA Mentor Highlight Award) for his guidance to students of ISA Student Section POLI-USP and for supporting technical lectures held by São Paulo Section in 2017.
    • Januário A. H. Gorga (ISA Member Highlight Award) for his efforts in supporting greater participation in in events held by São Paulo Section in 2017.
    • Maria Aparecida Bottiglieri Savoia (ISA Member Featured Award) for being a consecutive-year member of ISA since 1988.
    • Controle & Instrumentação magazine (Media Featured Award) for its partnership in publicizing and covering events held by São Paulo Section in 2017.
    • Ricardo Simonacci (Outstanding Director Award) for his work in the Marketing and Events Department of São Paulo Section.
    • Tarciso Martins (Outstanding Director Award) for his work on the Technical Evaluation Committee of São Paulo Section events.

    From left to right.: Ana Cristina Rodrigues (ISA São Paulo Section President), Carlos Paiola (ISA São Paulo Section Secretary), Ricardo Simonacci (ISA São Paulo Section Director of Marketing and Events), Valentina Freire (Editora Valete – Magazine “Controle and Instrumentação”), Tarciso Martins (ISA São Paulo Section Technical Director) and Mônica Santana (ISA São Paulo Section Vice-President).

    Are you interested in featuring important events and activities occurring at the section-and district-level of the Society in ISA Insights? Please contact sections@isa.org for more details.