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Harry J. Medley, PE

Setting the standard for my life

ISA has set the standard for my professional engineer’s license in the state of Texas since the year 2000. The piece of ISA that has played the greatest part of my professional life is ISA’s InTech. I have many [past volumes of] InTech.

I am now 80 years old. I was an ISA member while working for 14 years at major oil and gas companies on major products with automation control systems instrumentation. I received ISA’s Lifetime Achievement Award and am currently a Senior Life Member of ISA. I was also an I&E tech and ISA member during my time in the military (USMC veteran, aviation helicopters, honorable discharge, Cpl.).

ISA helped me during my years of being a technician and then as a PE in the state of Texas, current through 2020. I can thank ISA for its members across the U.S. and in foreign countries who helped me to be a better member and a better professional engineer. I can flatly thank the ISA for helping set the standard for my life.

Thanks, ISA. Safety first!
Harry J. Medley, PE
ISA Senior Life Member
Born: 4 March 1940
Texas License No. 87221/Active

This article is part of September/October 2020 InTech—the ISA 75th Anniversary Special Edition