Name *: Siemens
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The company has extended its Sinamics frequency converter portfolio for standard applications. The Sinamics V20 includes a new frame size, the FSAC, in the voltage range 1 AC 200 V to 240 V, 1.1 kW to 1.5 kW. FSAC is replacing the previous FSB frame (1 AC 200 V). It is 40 percent more compact than its predecessor, and the frame size offers more space-saving application possibilities. The Sinamics V20 is a basic converter available in nine frame sizes.
In the Sinamics V90 servo drive portfolio, the smallest frame size FSA is now also available as a Profinet version for 0.1 kW and 0.2 kW, which are covered by frame size FSB at the moment. These changes have enabled the footprint to be reduced by 10 millimeters, making the V90 FSA frame 18 percent smaller. It is now also possible to transmit process and diagnostic data over the Profinet interface in real time using a single cable. Within the V90 servo drive system, the Simotics S-1FL6 (SH45, SH 65, and SH90) motor series has also been released, with the connections now angular on the motor side, but straight on the cable side. The Sinamics V90 servo drive system is suited for dynamic applications.
Date Submitted*:  6/7/2018