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The Altivar family of variable speed drives now includes the Altivar Machine ATV340, which addresses the challenges of the smart-machine era by combining application control and automation capabilities. The variable speed drive is suited to a variety of industrial sectors as well as applications, such as packaging, material handling and working, and hoisting.

The ATV340 is built for applications requiring rapid dynamic control. It has the flexibility to handle practically all motor types in open or closed loop. Built-in multiprotocol Ethernet, an embedded encoder, integrated application functions, and compatibility with multiple motor types bring design flexibility. One-button autotuning for motor identification allows project replication, while a library of tested, validated, and documented architectures boosts the speed of design.

The ATV340 range has Achilles Level 2 cybersecurity certification and is compliant with EN ISO 1384901 and EN 62061. It is suitable for environments with high levels of dust and vibration and operating temperatures up to 60°C. Remote monitoring enables predictive maintenance, and fast device-replacement services ensure prompt machine recovery.

Date Submitted*:  6/7/2018