IDEC Corporation: Programmable logic controller

Name *: IDEC Corporation: Programmable logic controller
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The MicroSmart FC6A Plus is a PLC with up to 2,060 local I/O. With its expanded I/O capacity, the FC6A Plus can control and monitor machines or small-scale manufacturing facilities. It can execute basic instructions in 21 nanoseconds, and program memory is 800 kB (100 K steps), so the FC6A Plus can handle large programs with complex control requirements, such as PID, flow totalization, and recipes.

Two models are available, each with 24 VDC input power. The 16 I/O model has eight inputs and eight relay or transistor outputs. The 32 I/O model has 16 inputs and 16 transistor outputs. Each model also includes an integral 0–10 VDC analog input with 12-bit resolution and can accommodate up to three plug-in discrete, analog, serial communication, or Bluetooth cartridges. Each discrete cartridge has four discrete I/O points, either four inputs or four outputs. Each analog cartridge has two analog I/O points, either two inputs or two outputs.
Date Submitted*:  4/5/2018