GE: Dual-redundancy controller

Name *: GE: Dual-redundancy controller
Description *: 
The PACSystems RX3i CPE400 has dual redundancy and can function in high temperatures. The CPE400 is suitable for applications in oil and gas, water and wastewater, and other infrastructure industries with assets requiring smaller footprints. The CPE400 is also effective in applications requiring rugged controls; it operates in a temperature range from –40°C to +70°C and supports a conformal coated option for corrosive environments. The redundancy is powered by the PACSystems High Availability solution over Profinet and uses embedded Ethernet technology. The controller also provides a secure, authenticated data transfer from the industrial asset to the cloud over encrypted channels. It is differentiated by not only its processing capability, but also by a control dual-redundancy solution that makes it possible to perform maintenance and application updates while the application is running.
Date Submitted*:  4/5/2018