Distributed servo drive

Name *: Distributed servo drive
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The AMP8000 distributed servo drive system integrates a servo drive directly into a servomotor. By relocating the power electronics directly into the machine, a control cabinet can house a single coupling module and supply power to multiple servo drives with a single cable via the distribution module.
With the AMP8000, space requirements for drive technology inside electrical cabinets are reduced to a single coupling module. Via EtherCAT P technology, which provides EtherCAT signals and power over one cable, a coupling module can control up to five distributed AMP8000 servo drives via an IP 67-protected AMP8805 distribution module. Because the entire AMP8000 system can be cascaded, companies can implement complex motion systems.
The power module is located at the back end of the motor shaft, so the attachment dimensions of the distributed servo drives are identical to those of standard AM8000 series servomotors. The only dimensional change is to the overall servomotor length, which is extended by approximately 7 cm.
The AMP8000 distributed servo drive system is available in flange sizes F4 and F5. Various models are available with power ratings from 0.61 kW to 1.23 kW and standstill torque ratings from 2.00 Nm to 4.8 Nm (F4) or power ratings from 1.02 kW to 1.78 kW and standstill torque ratings from 4.10 Nm to 9.7 Nm (F5). STO and SS1 safety functions are integrated into the AMP8000 series by default, and a range of additional safe motion functions are in preparation.
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Date Submitted*:  6/7/2018