Yokogawa: Flowmeters

Name *: Yokogawa: Flowmeters
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The ROTAMASS Total Insight (TI) is a portfolio of four-wire Coriolis mass flowmeters and transmitters. This Coriolis mass flowmeter product platform seeks to optimize operations and reduce maintenance costs at all phases of the product life cycle.
The product portfolio consists of six sensor product lines and two new transmitters that can be configured to suit the specific requirements of an application. The sensor product lines have each been designed for specific application requirements and process conditions, be it high pressure or high temperature applications or highly challenging processes involving hygienic or cryogenic conditions. The new general-purpose (Essential) and high-end (Ultimate) transmitters all come with an AC/DC universal power supply and can be flexibly configured to handle a range of functions.
URL*:  www.yokogawa.com
Date Submitted*:  4/2/2017