Wireless Industrial Networks: Wireless Sensors

Name *: Wireless Industrial Networks: Wireless Sensors
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The company’s wireless sensing and monitoring products include a gateway, universal transmitter, and a selection of measurement sensors. The communication transmission is 900 MHz, and it is license free. The self-configuring communication network is plug and play and does not require wireless experience.

Common applications include motor temperature and current draw, pump vibration, bearing vibration or temperature monitoring, conveyor vibration monitoring, exhaust and cooling tower fan monitoring, and filter monitoring

The gateway has standard Ethernet output and supports more than 200 transmitters from 5,280 feet away. The transmitter has a replaceable battery and accepts up to three universal sensor inputs and a mix of any sensor measurement types.
URL*:  http://www.wirelessindustrialnetworks.com/
Date Submitted*:  7/30/2017