Steute Industrial Controls: Wireless foot switches

Name *: Steute Industrial Controls: Wireless foot switches
Description *: 
The industrial-grade wireless foot switches have an internal energy generator, so no battery is required. Actuation of the foot pedal generates power to send a unique, coded telegram to a compatible receiver. If the foot switch does not receive a confirmation signal from the receiver within 15 ms, it transmits a second telegram.

The switches are available for operation at 915 MHz (U.S./Canada/Australia) or 868 MHz (Europe) and have a maximum nominal transmission range of 50 m indoors or 700 m in "free air." They also have a metal protection shield, bidirectional communications with the receiver confirming receipt of the transmitted signal, an ingress protection rating of IP67, mechanical life expectancy of greater than 1 million actuations, and an operating temperature range of -20°C to + 65°C. The foot switch contact format is configurable, depending upon the receiver model selected. The switches have the following certifications: FCC, IC (for SW915 MHz models), and EC (for 868 MHz models).
Date Submitted*:  4/5/2018