Softing: OPC suite

Name *: Softing: OPC suite
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A new version of the dataFEED OPC Suite with REST Connector and support for NoSQL databases is now available. The REST Connector allows data from automation networks to be integrated into applications supporting REST protocols. Data may originate from a variety of sources, including control systems from leading manufacturers or OPC UA or OPC Classic servers. With the support of write access to NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, the suite is suited for IoT and Industry 4.0 applications.

REST protocols are used in particular for communication with cloud-based applications, such as the production performance manager of Bosch Software Innovations. NoSQL databases enable high-performance processing of very large amounts of data. They are thus often the basis for advanced analysis methods (big data analytics), which can be used for predictive maintenance.

The suite has a full package of components for OPC and IoT cloud communication within a single product. In addition to the integrated REST interface, the MQTT gateway and OPC UA support enable integration of legacy and new controllers into cloud solutions, such as Microsoft Azure or IBM Bluemix. The graphical user interface with intelligent, practice-oriented default settings and intuitive user guidance facilitates system integration.
Date Submitted*:  11/6/2017