Siemens: Wireless LAN

Name *: Siemens: Wireless LAN
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The company's industrial wireless LAN (IWLAN) portfolio now includes a selection of IP65 protection-rated devices in the form of Scalance W778-1 M12 access points and W738-1 M12 client modules. These access points and client modules transmit in compliance with IEEE 802.11n, and support the 2.4- and 5-GHz frequency bands. The devices can also be integrated into the TIA environment, and are suited for wireless local networking of equipment, such as welding robots or screw driving controllers in the automotive industry.

The access points and client modules can be installed in harsh industrial environments. The exterior has a rugged die-cast aluminum housing compliant with protection rating IP65 and screwed plug connectors, which gives the devices resistance to shocks and vibrations. The installation options include a flat DIN rail mounting with a DIN rail adapter, a vertical side DIN rail mounting with an angular adapter, or wall mounting. The power and data flow can be connected to the IP65 devices over a single cable using Power-over-Ethernet IEEE 802.3at.
Date Submitted*:  7/30/2017