AutomationDirect RFID safety switches

Name *: AutomationDirect RFID safety switches
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The LPF and SPF-series radio frequency identification (RFID) noncontact coded safety switches use RFID communication between the switch and the actuator for tamper-proof protection using both master- and unique-coded actuators. When used in combination with a dual-channel safety relay, RFID-coded noncontact safety switches can be used to provide protection up to Category 4 and PLe to ISO 13849-1.

The IP69K-rated LPF and SPF-series operate with most safety relays. They have plastic housings, wide sensing distances (greater than 10 mm), and a high tolerance to misalignment after sensing. With switching capability up to 0.2 A, models are available in unique-coded and master-coded styles with 2-m, 5-m, or 10-m pigtail cables or a 250-mm quick-disconnect cable.

Female quick-disconnect cables, in 5-m and 10-m lengths, and replacement master-coded actuators are also available.
Date Submitted*:  6/5/2017