AutomationDirect: Pneumatic rotary actuators

Name *: AutomationDirect: Pneumatic rotary actuators
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The NITRA rotary actuators are available in four body sizes, with or without shock absorbers. All are double acting and have an adjustable travel range from 0 to 190 degrees. Anodized aluminum bodies include integral mounting slots for position switches, and a durable ball bearing hub and integrated piston magnets are standard. The compact rotary actuators are suitable for general material handling and other industrial applications, such as conveying, clamping, transferring parts, positioning, and controlling valves.

The pneumatic grippers are compressed air actuators with jaws (or fingers) to pick up, hold, and release objects. They are used in a broad range of general automation processes, such as pick and place, material transfer, clamping, and indexing. Two jaw parallel and two jaw angle grippers are available in seven body sizes and with side-mount or end-mount grips. Parallel grippers open and close parallel to the object, and angle (or angular) grippers open wider than parallel jaws, requiring more space. The pneumatic grippers are either double-acting, single-acting normally open, or single-acting normally closed. Anodized aluminum bodies include integral mounting slots for position switches.
Date Submitted*:  11/6/2017