ASCO: Electronic platforms

Name *: ASCO: Electronic platforms
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The Numatics G3 series and 580 series electronic platforms have been expanded to control up to 128 solenoid valves on a single valve manifold assembly. The platforms have flexible process control architectures that permit the design engineer or end user to optimize the size of the control cabinet for the number of required valves.

The valve platforms can support 128 Numatics 501 series solenoid valves and 80 Numatics 502 and 503 series valves. They can support 80 18-mm and larger valve sizes on a single manifold. The valve platforms also have mid-station blocks with valve drivers and auxiliary power connectors, so customers pay only for the capacity and functionality they require. A wide variety of Numatics G3 and 580 series electronic protocols are supported, including Ethernet/IPTM DLR, Profibus DP, and valve sub-bus for distribution.
Date Submitted*:  11/6/2017